Howard Kurtz on Weinergate: ‘What Media Bias?’


CNN media analyst Howard Kurtz on Monday offered Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and Eliot Spitzer as examples of how the press don’t give Democrats the benefit of the doubt when it comes to sex scandals.

Responding to questions about why the media have either ignored or taken sides on this weekend’s brouhaha surrounding Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), Kurtz sent the following absurd message via Twitter:

My first thought was that this was sent at about 5 PM on Memorial Day. Maybe Kurtz was at a picnic and had a couple too many beers.

After all, it is common knowledge that Newsweek’s Michael Isikoff, who was working on the Paula Jones case for the magazine at the time, had the Monica Lewinsky story ready to go only to have it squelched by top editors.

If Matt Drudge hadn’t broken the story, America might never have found out what was going on in the Oval Office.

Is this what Kurtz believes is an example of media not giving a Democrat the benefit of the doubt on a sex scandal?

As for John Edwards, the National Enquirer first broke his sordid story in October 2007.

It wasn’t until July 2008 that mainstream media outlets thought it was newsworthy. By then, the junior senator from Illinois had already locked up the Democrat nomination for president.

Many political observers believe that if the media had jumped on this story sooner thereby knocking Edwards out of the race, Hillary Clinton would have taken the majority of his votes in the caucuses and primaries defeating Obama.

Is this also what Kurtz believes is an example of media not giving a Democrat the benefit of the doubt on a sex scandal?

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Another Example of a Liberal letting his alligator mouth overload his hummingbird brain.

Point of fact: Hummingbirds (nay, any birds) are demonstrably more intelligent than alligators (or any reptile). Only the easily programmed buy into the ultra-right nowadays (whose perceived popularity is only more evidence of the early failings of public education to instill a sense of lifelong learning and critical thinking). These ridiculous corporate stooges have completely alienated the centrists and moderates of the country (like myself) and are in for a big surprise when all of us here in not-totally-fucking-crazy land swallow the bitter pill that is Obama in exchange for keeping the ultracon nutjobs like Newt, Bachmann and Pawl-zzzzz. . . . (sorry, nodded off there,) out of the white house.

I also have an open challenge for ANYONE to provide a screenshot of @RepWeiner’s twitter account linking to that yfrog photo, even though several independent inquiries into that screenshot show it’s very likely the “@RepWeiner” was photoshopped. Remember that even the “heroic” Breitbart mouthpiece only had a capture of the yfrog pic, (and this seems to be the only one in existence, too, not independently verified, even by other Breitbart clowns) not the link to said pic on RepWeiner’s account.

But whatever, cute blog. Continue being a part of the right-wing echo chamber. See if you can get more than 30 people to the next Tea Party Rally.

America hates radicalism. You’re going to find that out in 2012.

Not being a ”Twitter’er,” I have no idea what is likely and what is unlikely about whether Tony W. really sent that photo of his crotch to a college girl across the country or not.

But people who DO Twitter, and understand the in’s and out’s of how Twitter works are beginning to call Tony W. a liar.
This article in the Post brings up a lot of over-my-head ”odd elements”, but no answers.

Among them:

* Not just the offending picture but most of the congressman’s pictures were removed from the site.

* Not only did the young lady’s Facebook and Twitter accounts disappear from the ’Net (she’s apparently since started a new Twitter account, and may go back on Facebook), but also her bylines on articles in her college paper.

* The congressman made it a point to tweet what time an East Coast interview would be shown in Seattle, where the young lady’s from.

* Cordova reportedly wrote in the college paper in March about Twitter’s verifiable accounts giving access to celebrities.

Coincidences all, but there’s one more that millions of Twitter users will understand best:

*On Twitter, famous people tend to have tens of thousands to millions of followers — but they themselves follow only a fraction of that amount.

Rep. Weiner is a man of national prominence, a rising star in the Democratic Party, frequently on TV, a past and likely future candidate for mayor. He knows and is known by thousands of movers, shakers, members of the press and politicians on the city, state and national levels.

Yet, as of yesterday, he was following fewer than 200 others — and, with all those famous folks to choose from, one of the few he followed was Cordova, a 21-year-old college student who lives nearly 3,000 miles away in Bellingham,Wash.

Run that though your head for a second and at the same time remember two important facts about Twitter:

1. If two people follow each other on Twitter, they can send private messages unseen by others.

2. The difference between a direct message, seen by only the recipient, and a public tweet, seen by the world, is a single character.

The biggest problem for Weiner and his defenders on the left is not bloggers from the right. It’s the details of “#weinergate” can be understood by millions of ordinary people in 140 characters or less.

Author Peter Ingemi blogs at He is the host of Da- TechGuy on DaRadio Saturdays 10 a.m. on WCRN-AM 830 in Worcester, Mass.

EDITED TO ADD: make that only 91 people Tony W. follows on Twitter.

JB’s a moderate just like Obama is. You can tell by his continued use of moderate terms such as “ultracons” and “corporate stooges”

The Nigerian Oil Minister need help moving billions of dollars out of the country, and they are willing to pay you a 20% fee to you for allowing them to use your bank account for the transfer.

The government is here to help.

What’s more, I have a fully-staffed castle on the moon for lease at incredibly cheap rates. You will of course have to arrange your own transportation.

Now, lets us return to reality. Shall we?


Heh, with the comment:

“swallow the bitter pill that is Obama”

my guess would be….a disgruntled Obama lover that needs an excuse to vote for him again….this time. He can’t just do it and admit it, he has to take his anger for Obama’s failure out on the “ultracons” and, just what have they had to do with…….anything since 2009?