Hillary More Unpopular Than Ever…Especially With Women


Cortney O’Brien:

Hillary Clinton has made history. No, I don’t mean her “breaking the glass ceiling” by becoming the first woman ever to gain a major political party’s nomination. In a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, the Democratic nominee seemingly earned her worst unfavorable rating since stepping into the political spotlight.

How bad is it? Clinton received a 56 percent unfavorable mark. Perhaps most harmful to her 2016 campaign is her depleted support from women:

Notably, Clinton’s popularity among women has flipped from 54-43 percent favorable-unfavorable last month (+11 points favorable), to 45-52 percent now (+7 unfavorable); it’s the first time in a year that most women have viewed her unfavorably.

In other words, her post-DNC bounce is all but erased as voters indicate that breaking the gender barrier is not as important as fixing the country’s problems.

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Hillary is scary sick.
Women are acutely aware of how other women look, health-wise.
Who, but a sick person bundles up in woolens to the neck,wrists and knees while her aide is wearing summer weather-appropriate, sleeveless, light clothing?
Who, but a sick person keeps a medical person close at hand?
(Yes, he’s back. There he is holding the door open for Huma and Hillary.)

VIDEO=> Sick Hillary Tries to Get Out of Van, Nearly Falls, Looks Whipped

Putting oneself through all this while so sick and in pain, makes women suspicious of Hillary’s motives.
No wonder we are liking her less (as a group.)

Hillary is the most corrupt, incompetent and dishonest liar to have ever run for President, and that includes John Edwards.

The most important issue is smashing this gender thingee and getting a woman in the White House, one that in all her ways has behaved consistently the same during her adult(erous) life. All of the other issues are unimportant. Move over and make womb for the next president!
Ethics, honesty, patriotism bah, poo and pffffft
She is so close to the reincarnation of Elizabeth Bathory.

Hillary has put up with a serial sexual predator hudband for decades now.
And who does she pick to serve as her closest aide?
Another woman whose husband is a serial sexual predator!
So, women votes need to ask themselves:
What do I have in common with this woman?
Does she represent my views?
Hillary believes women and girls should share their bathrooms with anyone who cares to come in……
Trannies, gay men, even child molestors, rapists and peeping Toms’ with cameras!
Do most female voters agree with this?
Target stores found out the hard way that women don’t feel the way Hillary does on this subject.
Hillary might well win, mostly because she has a ”glide path” to victory in the EC.
But Hillary cannot win if women wake up and realize they will lose too much if she does.