Hillary Fed Up With Obama


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is fed up with President Obama and his refusal to back a no-fly zone over Libya, according to an exclusive report in The Daily.

“She’s trying to do what she can to keep things from imploding,” a Clinton insider told the online newspaper. “If you take a look at what’s on her plate as compared with what’s on the plates of previous secretary of states – there’s more going on now at this particular moment, and it’s like playing sports with a bunch of amateurs. And she doesn’t have any power.”

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I read that Hillary is leaving in 2012 in the unlikely event that Obama gets re-elected.
I’m somewhat impressed with her loyally staying on this long!
Actually, she has impressed me in most everything she’s done….if it just weren’t that she’s so darn liberal!
As a human being she has many fine qualities.

I think this is a ploy. She has her eye on the prize. The Clintons do not do anything without a real reason.

The question is who is fed with who. hillary and opie have had their noses in each other butts since the dcc. hillary’s loss had to opie had to be payed back..Sec of State she is not..to stupid and to errogant. But I will offer all of you readers a suggestion..Unberto Eco wrote a book entitled Fourcault’s Pendulum. It is an amazing book and keeps to the author’s style of “opera operta” ” . I would encourage all of you to take the time and read it. The book is long and the plot take time to develope. In the end..well..it is all very real…

This reminds me of when athletes pray for God to help their team win the game. I often wonder, “What if God wants the other team to win?” I feel the same question applies here: What if Obama wants the other team to win?

@Nan G:
“… human being she has many fine qualities.”

Tell that to the White House Travel office employees whom she had fired and false charges brought against and whose lives were ruined…

Tell that to the people of whom she obtained those 900 FBI files and had their information loaded into a secret database…

Tell that to the many women who became involved with or harassed by her husband and then she went after for merely having their name come out in public (nuts and sluts)…

The list goes on and on and on…

She’s useless as crap when it comes to the Middle East. Obama’s just letting her swing in the wind anyhow when it comes to military action.

You think anyone in Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Oman, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, etc really want to talk to her, let alone be “spoken to” and “directed by” her?

Where’s Stormin Norman when we need him?