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I guess she would puke pea soup if asked about the 900 thousand Joe got from a Ukranian gas company for lobbying while VP.

She also said Trump had covid at the debate, which is a g*ddamn lie.

The shrinking Leftist cult eats it up.

At least I never have to watch that idiot Chris Cuomo again.

Ah now Nate, fess up. You never watched that S-Show, you seem ore of a The veiw fanboy. 😉

Haha. Well, Joy Behar is super, super hot…so ya got me.

As for Chris, I have to see his idiot mug at the gym, because of course CNN is plastered everywhere.

If they didn’t have them on at airports and everywhere else, that would be that. They are entirely propped up.

Seems the best reason to dump the gym and tackle the hunny-do list. Full restoration of our 120 year old porch was quite the workout for both of us. I curse all those that paint over peeling layers, bless whom ever invented the floor sander and the heat gun.

Gosh, remember when Trump’s kids weren’t “government employees”? That must be why the media and Democrats left them alone and never harassed them.

I commend Ms. Psaki for not simply telling the silly bugger to f*ck off.

You get told that quite a bit.

Psaki of lying shit. Just like her idiot boss.