Herman Cain’s Response to the SOTU


While any State of the Union address is certainly a historic event for the American people, President Obama’s speech tonight failed to address the growing and persistent ills that plague our nation, largely symptomatic of an out-of-control government and in need of serious remedy.

President Obama said ‘investment.’ Americans heard ‘more government spending.’ President Obama said ‘job creation.’ We heard ‘…but not in the private sector.’ President Obama said it is time for civility. We heard ‘…for thee, not for me.’

The true state of our union is fragile, but the true will of the people is strong. The people will demand effective economic growth policies which were noticeably absent from the President’s speech.

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Right on. Herman Cain would make an excellent candidate for president. He is the ANTI OBAMA, the solution to the problems. He is not just rhetoric.

Cain will make the next two years interesting…I’m ok w/ Pence but I like Cain!