Herman Cain Is BIG WINNER at First GOP Debate (Video)


South Carolina liked the pizza man.
Herman Cain was the hands down winner in tonight’s first GOP debate in South Carolina.
At least he was according to the Frank Luntz South Carolina focus group.

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Go gettem Herman. Republican voters want someone who has a strong message that it is obvious he believes in and states it boldly. You never knew where McCain really stood. You do not know where Romney really stands. Palin believes what she knows, but there is a feeling she is still working on formulating some key areas of belief and not yet ready. Johnson is a idiot. The others all look wishy washy and we can expect they will stay that was as they have been in politics for years. Get five or six key areas that are important and where you have a clear message and stay on message no matter what is asked for the media will work to distract you, especially if they disagree with you on policy which means any republican will be attacked.

I actually sat on my sofa and CHEERED when I saw all those hands go up in the focus group. They are smart people. Herman Cain would make an awesomely excellent GOP candidate. He would take it to Obama on the issues and, I hate to say it, but it would remove the race card from the Demonrats. He has been on my radar for a LONG time. Ever since I caught him filling in on the radio for Hannity, I think. He has great ideas and the plus is he is the ANTI OBAMA. Go Cain. YES!!!!!!

I was impressed with Caine. He gave clear, concise answers, and didn’t sound like he was apologizing for them or making excuses for the way he believes. I like that. I also like the fact that Caine seems comfortable in his skin, much as I always thought Bill Cosby does. Caine truely transends race as doesn’t use his skin tone as a trump card (no play on words here, really).

I like the fact that Caine had the intelligence to take a failing company (Godfather’s Pizza) and turn it around. If he can do that for a private company, he will bring that to the Oval Office. And don’t kid yourself, our government has turned into one big business that has many subsideraries, some that are worth while and some that need to be cut.

I also liked Cain’s answer on the border. It needs to be closed until we can get it under control.

I’m hoping for the sake of the Republican Party those 5 boring gentlemen are the 2nd team.I’d like to see a contest in 2012.