Herman Cain Announces Run For White House


COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa — Best known as the former chairman and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, Herman Cain says he’s running for president of the United States in 2012.

Friday evening in Council Bluffs, the Atlanta businessman announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

Cain spoke to a crowd of 200 people at Iowa Western Community College. His announcement was met with a standing ovation.

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Cain is my personal favorite. He has the same effect on me, as a conservative, as Obama did on liberals and moderates. For that reason, I try to keep my emotions in check, to evaluate him closely.

I do like the idea of a true outsider and someone who understands how businesses work.

Herman Cain is the favorite of our family and friends at the present time. We just want someone with some backbone. I don’t see any of that in any of the other contenders, just more of the same old cookie cutter politician.
But then again, if he got elected would he fall victim to the”machine”, And turn into another Robopolitican who tells everyone what they want to hear, and not what we need to hear. Would he stand up to the demmies, and go back to conservative values? Not Conservative values with compassion. Extremely jaded, and cynical but its gotten so old of the Republicans fronting these contenders that don’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of winning, and only because they are part of the machine that is broken and just sputtering along.

I have watch a short video at CNN a couple of hours ago, and
he came out strong like a roaring lion with passion
and proud to announce his candidacy,and mentionned the support of his family and many friends ,
that is very warming feeling to hearm the man talk, he has a voice that capture you
with comfort feeling.

Gary Last time I looked you were assuring a Trump Presidency. Cain has no chance and as a V.P. pick by Romney would not be as helpful as Rubio.

@rich wheeler: I thought I said I would vote for Trump if he ran. I would have too. And I will vote for Cain if he runs as well, even if he has no chance. Unless of course something is revealed later on down the track. But I did not think that Trump was assured the WhiteHouse. My point is that like many other Americans I will no longer waste my vote on a “professional politician”. I knew McCain would lose. In case you have not noticed there is a change in Americans and how they think about politicans. I felt this way for years, but since Obi came to power that feeling has only increased 10fold with many voters . I agree with you on Rubio. But I don’t think he is running. I also think that we may see a third party contender this year if the GOP fields another Professional politican like Rommey, TP, etc…. Unfortunately that will lead to a win for the demmies.
But maybe it will take another lose, to make the GOP realize that they need a contender who the American people will support, not their man/woman.

Gary S. My comment was actually to Gary Kukis but thanks for your response.
Two questions. F.A. readers continue to mention West. There is no indication West or Rubio plan on running for POTUS in 2012
Other than the fine folk here at F.A. and a large handful of other like -minded Conservatives who will vote for Herman Cain? Can he actually win a single Repub. primary?He’ll be lucky to get a V.P. nod from eventual winner.
Iowa,N.H.,S.C. first 3 contests.Cain no better than 4th in any.I see Romney/ Rubio or Bachmann giving BHO a tough test.
I see folks here saying “maybe we need another loss” and “I’ll hold my nose and vote for Romney” Thoughts?

rich wheeler: Sorry about that! I don’t know if you ment me to answer or anyone in general. But Cain will be a long shot. He already droped the ball today. He can fix this gaff, but he will need to be better prepared for primetime in the future. I still hope he can do it, unless I discover he is too weak, and or something not know now.
I look at how Jimmy Peanut came out of nowhere back in 76 and went on to win. That was how I first heard of him too. “Jimmy who? Jimmy the peanut farmer! ” I was like, you got to be friking kidding right? But the rest is history. Yes, we had just lost the war, gas prices through the roof, held hostage by the Arabs, gas rationing, Watergate, the list was endless. But he won. So who knows? Maybe Cain can do the same thing. I think Rommey would be a disaster for the GOP. Hes got that “Obama Lite Care ” thing around his neck.