Here’s ten minutes of every prominent Democrat denying Donald Trump won the presidential election in 2016


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Yet there was never any credible evidence to support their conspiracy assertions that 2016 was a stolen election. In stark contrast, there is Encyclopedia Britannica quantity of evidence of the fraud in 2020.

In fact, if California had not blocked the investigations, I believe we would find that far MORE than 3 million illegal immigrants voted Democrat. Prove me wrong.

Ten Minutes of the Stupid Jackass party refusing to admit their all a a bunch of total noodle nogins

What we saw in 2016 was just about like we saw in 2000 a attempt to steal the election for Gore/Liberman(Sore Loserman)the Globallists UN and the CFR have their dirty hands in this whole thing partners in crime with the DNC

So where’s your video of a violent liberal mob assaulting police and invading the Capitol in an effort to prevent the states’ certified electoral votes from being counted?

There’s more than one way to express your “insurrection” urge. Here’s just one.

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Violent groups that were planning to shut down DC and disrupt Trump’s 2021 inauguration plan a Jan6 candlelight vigil. Leftist hypocrisy at its highest.

BLM/ANTIFA march in DC chanting “BURN IT DOWN!”… but they mean it peacefully
Inauguration, 2017

ANTIFA attacks peaceful rally in DC after calls for “unity” and “healing”. The media ignores it.
DC police don’t allow the Autonomous Zone to last very long

DC police use force to keep statue of Andrew Jackson from being torn down

Anarchists trying to provoke a violent response in DC

Left wing terrorists attack the White House, injure 60 Secret Service officers, but not noteworthy as far as Democrats are concerned.
“Insurrection” at the White House by left wing climate fascists draws no arrests, no charges.