Hanson: Models Exaggerate Man-Made Climate Change


As just pointed out by an astute and disillusioned young climate scientist, James Hansen, the high priest of the global warming religion and defender of creation has recently produced a non-peer-reviewed paper finding that the net man-made effects on climate have been greatly exaggerated by computer models. Hansen claims most climate models have underestimated the cooling effect of man-made aerosols via cloud changes, although the fine print in the paper admits they really have no idea what is causing the cloud changes and resulting cooling effect. Hmmm, possibly the cosmic ray theory of Svensmark et al? Hansen also references estimates for climate sensitivity pulled out of the air by his brainwashed grandchildren in the amusing paper (p. 3).

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Iceland volcano erupts sending mile wide plume of ash seventeen miles into the atmosphere. Five seconds of this stuff puts out more pollutants then anything mankind has done since the dawn of time. Professor Hansen, with his slew of government grants and cushy research job with NASA, needs to address this question “Can you move a shoebox of molten lava from here to there?” None political geo-thermal geologists are looking at lava power as a future source of energy. This may require one or two lifetimes to master but it can be done.