Hamas Says Its Goal Is War, Not ‘Water and Electricity’ for Gaza


Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Hamas’s leaders admitted to the New York Times that their goal is to wage war on Israel and not to bring prosperity such as “water and electricity” to Gaza.
“Hamas’s goal is not to run Gaza and to bring it water and electricity and such,” Khalil al-Hayya, who serves in Hamas’s top leadership body, told the Times in an interview published Wednesday. “Hamas, the Qassam, and the resistance woke the world up from its deep sleep and showed that this issue must remain on the table.”
He added that Hamas did not launch its terrorist attack on Israel last month in order to gain supplies or “improve” Gazans’ situation.
“It did not seek to improve the situation in Gaza,” al-Hayya said. “This battle is to completely overthrow the situation.”
Hamas media adviser Taher El-Nounou said the group hoped that the war between Israel and Hamas, which began after the terrorist group killed about 1,400 Israelis, mostly civilians, on Oct. 7, would be “permanent.”

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And with help from Greenpeace and the United Nations

When your supporters are anti-Semites, you don’t have to hide the fact that your goal is killing Jews, not letting Palestinians live a normal life.

So, joe wants a pause of three days to get needed supplies into Gaza for the people, not for Hamas.
But we’ve already seen Hamas steal the trucks that went into Egypt to pick up humanitarian supplies once they were full and back in Gaza.
We’ve also seen a Gaza hospital being sent a supply of fuel for their generators stolen by Hamas, who are now responsible for premie babies who depend on all sorts of medical machinery dying.
So, it’s pretty obvious Hamas has no interest in supplying their people with water or electricity.
If Hamas needs things then Hamas just takes them.