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Meanwhile, those painted by the wicked world as the bad guys, IDF, form a safety zone around the street south so non-combatant Gazans can get out of the war zone.
joe wanted a four-hour ceasefire, but Israel is giving these people an eight-hour ceasefire daily so they can flee Hamas.
Pretty soon the only people in the north in Gaza will be Hamas.

At present they are just in southern Gaza, out of the battle zone.
Later, after Hamas is gone, they can go back north and live in Gaza under an Israeli protectorate.
Like before 2006 when Israel occupied Gaza and oversaw peace there.

This is how much Hamas, Iranians and all the left care about Palestinians. The Israelis want the civilians out of the way, but their presence will not impede their progress. Their very existence depends on wiping out Hamas.

Anyone who sides with Hamas are the Enemies of Humanity the liberal run colages are full of them