GOP debate obviousness: CNN still despises Republicans


Republicans never learn. Putting lipstick on a pig does not make it gorgeous. All the ketchup in the world will not make a veggie burger taste anywhere near as good as beef.

One can take MSNBC, hose it off, dress it up in moderate looking clothing and call it CNN. It is still a liberal network with an agenda that includes ridiculing Republicans and ensuring that their deity Barack Obama is reelected.

John King is more dangerous than Chris Matthews because at least with Matthews the screaming leftist lunacy is laid bare for all to see. Short of Bernard Shaw returning to the network, there is no hope for Republicans to get a fair shake from the network created by Jane Fonda’s ex-husband Ted Turner.

The 2011 GOP debate in New Hampshire was polite, civil, and cerebral. It was an adult discussion. Not one of the seven candidates embarrassed themselves. This is all the more amazing given how loaded the questions…and questioners…were.

John King asked Tim Pawlenty if his plan for 5% growth was overly optimistic. This is a fair question. Yet King could not resist editorializing, offering a subtle attack on supply-side economics that is at the heart of the Pawlenty plan.

“After the tax cuts during the Bush years, where were the jobs?”

John King needs to be strapped into a chair and forced to keep his eyes open until he has watched a giant big movie screen featuring everything ever written by Larry Kudlow. Kudlow’s column “The Greatest Story Never Told” should be displayed in font type larger than John Hancock’s signature.

The Bush tax cuts created plenty of jobs. George W. Bush inherited a mess (without whining about it). After a stock market meltdown (worse than 2008) and the worst attack on American soil in history, his tax cuts fueled an economy from 2002 through 2007 that was spectacular. The media taking the 2008 financial collapse to try and invalidate the spectacular Bush economy for most of his time in is office is deliberately dishonest and ideologically motivated.

This ideological bias led John King on more than one occasion tried to prop up Barack Obama. He asked if Obama has done anything right.

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John King also muttered during almost every Candidate’s answer.
You could hear him trying to cut off all of the answers ESPECIALLY when the answer touched on the shortcomings of Obama’s policies.
I was impressed with the collective cool professionalism of all of the candidates in the light of that muttering.
I would have told him to shut up.

All the ketchup in the world will not make a veggie burger taste anywhere near as good as beef.

Your above statement is flawed. Have you learned nothing from eating with children? The purpose of putting lots of ketchup on a veggie burger is to get it past your taste buds before they shout out “Hey! WTF was that?!!!”, and so that you can hopefully keep it down.

As for the CNN debate: The 30-sec time limit on answers was ridiculous, their explanation for doing it that way, ‘To allow time for more questions,’ is belied by the idiotic time-wasting “this or that” questions. With most of the other questions asked, there was little possibility of them being fairly answered in only 30-seconds. CNN also wasted time with the poorly coordinated and ill-advised switching between questioners. It would have been much more sensible to have a couple of people reading off these same questions. I can only assume that the purpose was to try to confuse or throw the candidates off, a tactic which failed. Whoever conceived the graphic display that was distractingly running continually behind the candidates, deserves a swift kick in the seat of the pants.