Google finds another way to invade and ruin your life


Users of the Fitbit smartwatch will be required to have Google accounts next year to access some of the device’s features, following the fitness tracking company’s acquisition by Google-parent Alphabet Inc. last year.

Fitbit, which is now “Fitbit by Google,” announced that an account with the internet giant would be required to use some of the app’s features at some point in 2023.

While the company promised to support native Fitbit accounts until “at least early 2025,” it acknowledged that at some point, accounts will be required to use the company’s devices.

Via Fitbit:

If you have a Fitbit account, after the launch of Google accounts on Fitbit, you’ll have the option to move Fitbit to your Google account or to continue to use your existing Fitbit devices and services with your Fitbit account for as long as it’s supported. Support of Fitbit accounts will continue until at least early 2025. After support of Fitbit accounts ends, a Google account will be required to use Fitbit.

It is already potentially to sync data from Fitbit to Google accounts, although Fitbit said it was still possible to keep that data siloed in the Fitbit ecosystem. Presumably, that will end once Google logins are mandated.

The rest at Breitbart


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These people don’t seem to be interested in creating a modern convenience unless it has society-controlling applications. Fitbit, Alexa and internet-connected thermostats I can do without. I still know how to flip a switch.

Never forget Ruby Ridge, ID and Waco TX

Who still used scgoole? I use it as an insult, hey use your google machine find in in wikedpedo.