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Statement from GM
We are pleased to see that the Federal government is interested in the greening of their vehicle fleet. Media speculation has led to reports that the GSA and DOE will be buying the first 100 Chevrolet Volt’s because we will meet this criteria. At this time we have no further details regarding these purchases.

I’m NOT a Hitler fan, but when Hitler commissioned the Volkswagen, he wanted a people’s auto that was small, inexpensive and accessible.

Henry Ford, when he started his assembly line, wanted to make cars affordable so that literally millions of people could have a car. His goal: reduce the then current price of a car from $800.00 to $400.00. He succeeded.

Today’s automakers are not patriotic at all. Seeing that America could be well served by bringing a very low cost electric car to market are instead making questionable quasi-economical cars, like the Volt, for $41,000.00 each. You have to have a rather large yearly income to even think about owning one of these cars; which in no way meet any serious criteria for moving people out of their Arab-agenda promoting gas-guzzlers.

“President” Obama has said that, in so many words, he’s glad to see gas prices rise. He claims that that will drive people from their gas cars to smaller eco-friendly electric cars. Barack’s real motives, as a Muslim, have more to do with allowing prices to rise in order to provide Arab countries like Saudi Arabia to generate more monies in order to promote Islam in Europe and America.

Wake Up! Time is a wasting. We need action now. Remove, by whatever means, or Impeach (although difficult if Obama is not legitimate) Obama. We need true American patriotic leadership now; not this racist Obama — he’s more of a dividing radical than anything else.