Global warming advocates suggest a tax on milk & meats


“This tax is not at all a matter of forcing people to become vegetarians but merely moving toward a slightly more climate-smart diet,” said one of the study’s authors, Stefan Wirsenius of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, in a press release.

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The question remains this… if environmental scientists want to fight global warming, then why do they waste so much time trying to impose their lifestyles on others? Why not instead, spend the time and energy to create technology that would clean the atmosphere of what they perceive is too much carbon, and that way they affect very few, but benefit a planet?
I agree…

This to just to far reaching for my taste. I can feel my blood boiling everytime I read something like this. Isn’t this Global Warming suppose to be a Fraud cooked up by Al Gore? Are we ‘seriously’ ‘expected’ to take ‘Al Gore’s ‘ and his junk scientists word on this?

BTW – I have not found one article of piece of information that states “Global Warming” ‘is not’ a Fraud? Everything I have encountered says it is a Fraud.

Are these the same products that the US government provides free under the WIC program? They do this to improve nutrition to women, infants and childrens if they are low income families.

Every day I read the papers these global warming supporters write and make their predictions about the future as far as 200 years into the future. Here in the Front Range of Colorado, some of these “knowledgeable” people also predict the weather. As I look out the window and try to encourage my sone to go out to pick up the paper, I see it is still snowing. The two inches we were supposed to get last night is covered by at least 8″ more and more is coming! HOw can anyone trust people or organizations who can not predict what is going to happen with the weather 12 hours ahead with predictions 100 years or more in the future?

This is partly why is it a dangerous and slippery slope to allow Obama to begin to tax foods.
He has started that push with proposed taxes on ”junk” drinks like 7-Up (which doctors recommend when you or your child has an upset stomach)
Also included is Coca Cola (which pharmacists sell the syrup for medicinal uses).
He wants to include the Gatoraid drinks with athletes use to replenish electrolytes after heavy exertion.
He is also including fruit juices even prune juice!
So, if these taxes on drinks come in, it is only a matter of time (gee, maybe after Obama) that meats, dairy, everything we eat will be taxed.

Not really pertinent to this post but today when I was grocery shopping the check out person commented how she remembered that not all that long ago a head of lettuce was 69 cents and now it’s 1.19.
I told her you could thank the liberal policies of printing/dumping money into the economy. I also told her it’s going to get worse before it gets better….
By the look on her face I don’t think she was expecting a response to her comment or at least not the one that I made…