Glenn Beck’s last show: “We’ve learned a lot together”


“I contend that is the reason we are successful here … because it’s true,” he said tonight. “It seems as though there’s no truth anywhere anymore. We’ve made a lot of enemies on this program. We’ve taken on every single person we’ve been told not to take on … because the truth has no agenda. It will lead us where it leads us. This show has not only survived; we have thrived. We’ve done amazing things together … It’s easy to do things when they’re from the heart. It’s easy to do things when you believe them.”

The Glenn Beck Show broke every record in the 5 p.m. time slot, always stirring speculation and controversy. So, it’s no surprise, really, that his decision to leave the show only fueled more such speculation. But Beck sought to clarify tonight, and the story of his decision seems to have implications for anyone who wonders if “something more” awaits than whatever has become the day-to-day routine:

I told you at the beginning of this year that I was going to roll up my sleeves and get to work. This summer is the beginning of that for me. I’m going to Israel to learn about courage. … I begin my search tonight after this broadcast. …

We’re not that different. I bet that when we look at the current crop of candidates that you’re as tired as I am of looking for George Washington or Ronald Reagan … This show has become a movement and that’s why it doesn’t belong on TV anymore. It belongs in your homes. It belongs in your neighborhoods. Not on television. …

I hope I have earned some level of your trust. At the same time, I want to thank Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch and everybody at this network for their trust. …

I have given up on admiring the problem. I am focused solely on the solution. They’re making their plans. What are you doing? …

You have to find out for yourself what is true. I didn’t run away from something; I’m running to something. I know exactly where I”m supposed to be.

I was told nobody ever leaves this business … There’s never a bigger platform than the Fox News Channel. There’s never a smarter guy I’m gonna work with than Roger Ailes. … Here I am at the pinnacle. … How could it be divinely inspired that I leave?

I am overwhelmed with the feeling, ‘If you don’t leave now, you will not leave with your soul.’ … Never want anything too much. Never. It will destroy you. I learned the hard way who I was. We as a country have a chance to learn who we are, what we’re truly capable of, before we’re forced to learn it the hard way.

Beck hinted at a new initiative — Mercury One — aimed to help the nation do just that, and he urged viewers to look to for the reveal.

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We hated to see him go. We always like to debate his topics after the show with friends. Even some of liberal friends believe he is one of their most powerful and influential enemies. I agree with them. I think he has helped to expose the liberal threat more than anyone person I can think of. I found his show to be refreshing from the same old, republican vs democrat. He dislikes republican politicians for the same reasons we do. His show was a refresher course for history buffs, and even some new and interesting facts that have been forgotten and or left out of history books for political reasons which unfortunately has become common place in our society today. And now we are back to the right vs the left shows. Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil against my _______party. You fill in the blank. Or as my frustrated wife says, “Well that leaves old Bill oRiley who plays the middle, Hannity who plays the right, and the Huckelberry who can’t stress enough that we need professional politicians who compromise, and then plays popular tunes that him and his band butcher together. I love to mention his name amongst liberals just to watch their reactions.


I never had cable or satellite TV until about a month ago, so I very seldom got to see Glenn Beck. I got hooked on him when visiting my sister and she would record the show so she could watch it at her convience.

When I read the part of your article where you quoted Beck when he said, “I didn’t run away from something; I’m running to something,” it reminded me of the saying I saw after 9-11.  The saying referred to the police and the firefighters when it said something like, “While others were running out, they were running in.”  That saying has been in my mind ever since.  It applies to the police, firefighters, the military, and anyone who runs TO an emergency.

The USA is the Twin Towers and Obama has brought down one of its towers:  The economy.  He is now working on bringing down the other one to make our destruction complete.  Are you going to be one who runs AWAY from the emergency, or are you going to run INTO the emergency?

In every emergency you have those who run away, those who run TO, and those who stand and watch without doing anything to help.  I used to be one standing around and watching the USA coming down and didn’t do anything.  I didn’t recognize there were the problems until the last few years.  I decided to run TO the emergency and hope it isn’t too late.

For those of you who ran away from the emergency, please run far enough away and don’t come back.  For those of you who are still standing around and watching YOUR country come down, please leave a way for the ones running in to help save Your country.  If you aren’t going to help, at least get out of the way!

“I have given up on admiring the problem. I am focused solely on the solution.”

I suspect many Americans feel the same way. They know what the problems are (thanks in part to Glenn Beck), and have grown tired of sitting at their keyboards forwarding E-mails about the latest affront to liberty.

I am sad to see Glenn Beck go…however I do not think he is really “going”… he has something else up his sleeve…

Some people [Liberals] call him a “Drama Queen” but, think about it… “who” are the people who conjures up [ all ] the [ Drama in our Lives ] The Progressives…!! The Liberals!!! The Leftist Media!! Everything these people do and say is nothing BUT drama!

We started this Country with The Constitution over 200 years ago… it’s still only about 17 pages printed out on letter head paper…. Yet, look at the piles of Legislature and Rules and other ‘Laws’ that has grown our Government into the monstrosity it has become…. a health care bill that is 2500 pages printed… This is not Conservatism…

Look at all the [Drama] that has been promoted and festered in the name of Liberalism… And Glenn is a Drama King??? Hmmmm…

I learned a great deal from Glenn. He has opened my eyes to the ‘real’ evil that lurks out there. I never would have known about ‘Spooky Man’ George Soros… nor of the background of the Czars Obama kept in his closet… how drastically our History has been [dismantled] by Liberalism and much, much more … Sometimes Glen would really scare the crap out of me…so much so I did not want to watch the particular show that day…

Those who hate Glenn Beck… Are Void of Common Sense… Hate the Truth… Are are Blind to the Truth… Are Scared of the Truth… …Truths which have been twisted by the Liberal Left Progressives and then digested by Liberal Left Progressive Zombies…

We have multitudes of Young People who are now Brainwashed by misinformation and spin… They put blind trust in Teachers and Professors who have an agenda of their own.. and take what they say as truth because of their ‘status’ not because of their Life experience… How sad for America… for our future…

“One of the penalties of not participating in politics is that you will be governed by your inferiors.” Plato


You’re absolutely right about so many things in your comment.

Those who are smiling, applauding, and celebrating Beck’s departure from television today will be desperately pining for his Fox days in the very near future.

Anyone who put faith in what Glen Beck said on FOX doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘propaganda’. I used to find him somewhat interesting when he was at CNN. But when he went to FOX he had to go off the deep end–which was easy for him since gained his notoriety for being a ‘shock jock’. But, for all of you who enjoy that sort of thing, I’m sure you’ll be able to follow his theological rambling somewhere. Maybe he can get a spot on the religious network.

lib1nonobject: I used to find him somewhat interesting when he was at CNN. But when he went to FOX he had to go off the deep end–which was easy for him since gained his notoriety for being a ‘shock jock’. But, for all of you who enjoy that sort of thing, I’m sure you’ll be able to follow his theological rambling somewhere.

“shock jock”? Unlike Olbermann, Schultz and Madcow, who only espouse ideological hatred for all things conservative – and based only on emotion, not fact – Beck pulls in history, issues, events and context for his show and presentation. But it’s interesting you don’t like Beck as a “shock jock”, but have no problem with the terrible leftist trio of idiots. Like Greg, I guess hypocrisy is hardest to recognize in yourself.

@Liberal1 (objectivity):

Anyone who put faith in what Glen Beck said on FOX doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘propaganda’.

It seems to me that you have as little clue concerning the actual meaning of the word as you assume others do.

prop·a·gan·da audio (prp-gnd) KEY


1. The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.
2. Material disseminated by the advocates or opponents of a doctrine or cause: wartime propaganda.
3. Propaganda Roman Catholic Church A division of the Roman Curia that has authority in the matter of preaching the gospel, of establishing the Church in non-Christian countries, and of administering Church missions in territories where there is no properly organized hierarchy.

Maybe I missed it, but I don’t believe that I saw the word “lie” anywhere in the definition of the word. What’s more, that definition applies to virtually every propagation of information people engage in. You, yourself, are guilty of promulgating propaganda. So is every liberal/conservative/apolitical organization out there who seeks to spread information to people.

Now, there certainly is a negative connotation associated with the word itself, and I’m sure that is what you are talking about. Typically, it is a demeaning term for the information someone, or some organization promulgates, and is seen as spreading lies. However, the word’s definition does not include that qualification, does it? So, in reality, it seems that you, yourself, do not fully understand the word, yet you choose to deride people for listening to Beck, and not understanding what ‘Propaganda’ means.

And on top of all of that, I challenge you to give any example of anything Beck has stated that is a complete fabrication. We’ll be waiting, but not necessarily expecting any response from you.

The left wants to return to the days where folks like Beck aren’t around to show people what they are doing. He was especially good for those recently awoken to politics by the radical leftist obama. Despite having fled Cuba, my mother was not particularly interested in politics. Thanks to Glen, she’s now up to speed about the threat we face.
If not for FOX we would have nothing but the Blue Dress Wearing media.

@Liberal1 (objectivity): You proved my point sir in my other post. Liberals are scared to death of the Beck. I remember when the libs were saying that Becks little rallies were nothing to be concerned about. And now look what is happening in America. A new party in its infancy, and just look at its achievements in less than two years. Your attempts at minimizing Beck were proven to be a serious mistake when he gained access to a national platform. I have always admired how the liberals organized themselves, and the many victories that they have had with such a small percentage of the population that actually agrees with them. The liberal propaganda machine is second to none. But now with people like Beck, and Palin our side is comming back stronger than I would have thought possible. Our biggest enemy on our side is our inability to come together around a single leader. We still have many CINO’s to rid ourselves of. And other problems to overcome as well. We need more leaders that are well versed in exposing your propaganda for what it is, garbage. And not spineless leaders who refuse to stand up for their base and conservative values , but will actually agree with your policies just so they can be re-elected. But it may take awhile to find leaders that have what it takes, character traits like honor, courage and personal sacrifice. Many traits that unfortuantely most republicans are severely lacking in. We may have too wait till 016 till we have more average people who are ready to become politicans, and break this all pervasive myth that everyday Americans cannot govern themselves. A myth that is perpetuated by our professional politicans themseleves for their own job security, and personal gain. But in the end I really think that we will push liberalism back into the dark and dank basement to where it belongs, along with where all the other evil things that grow and fester. And keep it there. Not altogether mind you, but for the most part anyway. But I also believe that liberalism will not just slink down the basement stairs without a long and hard battle for our side, and our society as well. Liberalism has torn other countries apart before ours in their attempts to rid themselves of it. And that battle is only really beginning to take shape in our own society. The battles lines are only now beginning to form. There are many more Americans who are in denial as to the seriousness of that impending battle, and or unsure as to which side they will take. And I am sure that Beck will play a pivitol part in the coming years that will lead up to the ending of whats already begun.