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The Himalayan glaciers are not melting for one simple reason: they are not.
Global Warming is an elaborate hoax.
It is indisputable that the Himalayan Glaciers have not been studied. India has other things to study beside glaciers. They are trying to keep a country together.
Surveys of such arcane data are undertaken only by those who have enough money and time to engage in such studies. India (and Pakistan) do not.
Ever tried to study a glacier? They are in inacessible locations. They are in climates which are forbiddingly cold and unpleasant. Collecting data on them is tedious and unforgiving.
So just forget it. You are grasping at straws.

I quit listening to the UN many years ago. It would be like listening to the propaganda media, which I quit watching many years ago too. Bad habits should be broken. We should break our ties with the UN. A lot of there UNICEF money even goes to other places they want to spend it.

The glaciers not melting is good news for me because I can’t swim. I guess I should say that I don’t know if I can swim, since I have never had to.

Glaciers are melting because of the weather(FIFY). The Columbia Icefield has been receding since 1850 or the end of the Little Ice Age in that area. It averages about 7 feet of snow accumulation annually. This year with all the snowfall and the extreme cold the recession should reverse itself or at least stop. Yep SUV’s caused the ice recession in 1850 and caused the six closest planets to the sun to warm up in temperature over the last 30 years.
Yup, Smorgasbord, both countries should pull out of the UN. It is corrupt, inefficient, and power hungry. To freedom loving countries it is a threat. World Government is slavery and tyranny.