GERMANY: Woman Convicted Of “Offending” Migrant Gang Rapists Receives Longer Prison Sentence Than The Rapists


by The Publica Team

A 20-year-old woman in Hamburg, Germany, has been sent to prison after making “hateful” remarks towards a migrant who was involved in the gang rape of a child. The woman is just one of 140 people being investigated for making “harmful comments” towards the rapists.

The horrific assault took place in 2020, and involved multiple groups of migrant men independently attacking a 14-year-old girl in Hamburg’s Stadtpark over the course of one night. The park had become a popular hang-out spot for youth during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and the girl had been there drinking with her friends. But they became scattered after police swept the park and broke up groups while enforcing social distancing measures.

Confused and alone, the girl was defenseless against the first mob of four predators.

The men took turns on the girl, repeatedly raping her over an extended period of time. They robbed her of her wallet and cellphone before leaving her. Traumatized and disoriented from the first attack, and having no method of calling for help, the girl was assaulted a second time by two more men who took advantage of her vulnerable state.

Disturbingly, her assailants had begun inviting other men to rape her via their chat groups, gleefully sharing the news that there was an isolated teenage girl in the dark park with no potential witnesses.

The child was attacked a third time by a single man, and then a fourth time by three more men, who dragged her into a bush and sexually assaulted her.

Finally, the child managed to break away and ran, though pursued by her rapists. Eventually, she came across people who recognized her traumatized state and immediately called the police.

A total of 11 men were initially charged, but two were acquitted quickly due to a lack of DNA evidence. The sperm of nine of the men, however, had been successfully recovered from the girl’s body.

Five of the men were in possession of German passports, while the remainder were not citizens of Germany. Among those charged, none were of German heritage. The rapists were identified as a Pole, an Egyptian, a Libyan, a Kuwaiti, an Iranian, an Armenian, an Afghan, a Syrian, and a Montenegrin. The men had a team of 20 defense attorneys arguing their innocence.

Videos of the first and third rapes had been recorded and shared by the assailants to contacts through WhatsApp, but the videos were deleted before the case could be heard in court. Witnesses who did see the footage before its deletion did testify that it depicted clear sexual assault, with one noting that the girl had been holding her hands over her head in a protective position.

During the trial, the victim, who now suffers from PTSD as a result of the night of abuse, was called upon to speak about what happened to her. While she recounted her horrific ordeal, the men showed “no signs of remorse” and at least one is said to have almost fallen asleep during proceedings.

However, despite DNA and WhatsApp evidence, eight of the nine men convicted walked free with probation and spent no time in prison at all. The ninth was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison without parole.

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Rapists should get Life in Prison without Parole and their victims should be able to sue the rapists

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