Germans are more patriotic to the US than are democrats


They like the US. democrats teach their kids to hate the US


Germany came out big for the NFL’s first regular-season game in the country, which featured the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Seattle Seahawks, at Allianz Arena in Munich on Sunday.

In the fourth quarter, as the Buccaneers were looking to close out the 21-16 win over the Seahawks, fans belted out John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” and it rang out throughout the stadium. The melody would give anyone, football fan or not, goosebumps.



From Fox News

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The world doesn’t really understand how our domestic enemies, the deep state and mostly Democrat paid politicians, have taken over our Constitutional Republic and are instituting their authoritarian regime. Our elections have no authority, and our People have no representation.

The rigged election in AZ that stole the governorship from Kari Lake is just the latest example.

Hobbes won nothing, and will never be the legal governor of AZ.

Az not prepared for the primaries, not prepared for the midterms I hope they are prepared for an audit, recounting fake votes will not cut it.

Lake should refuse to accept the fake results, and call on the national guard of AZ to prevent Hobbs from entering the capitol building.

Wont happen, the same judge that refused to allow everyone time to vote will swear her in and she then is in charge of the guard.

Oh, the Democrats were prepared. With fraud.

Well, I have news for you; almost EVERYONE loves and respects this nation more than the Democrats, but of course, they DEPEND on the US.