Funny how Argentina managed to count all 30 million of its ballots by midnight…


By Monica Showalter

One thing Argentina did right during its election Sunday which saw the election of Javier Milei to the presidency was to get all its ballots counted by midnight.

That’s the sort of thing we don’t see in the U.S. anymore, now that election night has become election month, raising very valid suspicions among voters about fraud.

Here’s a tweet illustrating just how impressive that was — and a sad comparison to shambles seen in certain blue counties of the U.S.

And another:

Long and extended counting periods are open doors to electoral fraud. That’s true whether there is fraud or not, because the extended time window gives certain observers time to figure out how many more ballots are needed for their party or candidate to win the race, and then produce those ballots to ensure a just-over-the-line victory. In forensic accounting, as one commentator noted, when fraud is sought, one indicator of it is that the accounting system has been made as messy, complicated, and unintelligible as possible. That’s how investigators know there’s likely to be something hidden to enable and conceal fraud.

Sound like any elections you know?

Democrats insist that nobody would ever dream of commiting fraud to win an election, and such fears are utterly irrelevant, the work of conspiracy theorists, cultists, and bitter losers, not right-thinking people such as themselves.

They also work hard to suppress the voices of anyone who questions extended election counts and their inevitable victories for Democrats. There were quite a few of them beavering away on this beat on Twitter back when the Democrats and their deep state allies were employing censorship against the First Amendment on that site.

Nowadays, we see trash like this going on:

These blue counties insist that same-day results, which had been perfectly do-able in previous elections with hand-counted ballots, are a thing of the past now, based on mass mail-in voting and machine counts, a problem that cannot possibly be solved or improved, and anyone asking is a conspiracy theorist. They dismiss that mass mail balloting in itself is another open door to fraud, and precisely why nations such as Argentina, and France, do not use them.

But remember: According to these blue counties with these extended counting periods in elections run solely by Democrats, there’s no such thing as fraud.

Yet with Argentina’s and a host of other countries’ results, the rest of the world can plainly see that something is very wrong in the U.S. when Argentina can count 30 million ballots in one night — and mere counties in the U.S. with just tends of thousands of votes, cannot.

Of course there’s fraud.

How did Argentina of all places manage to avoid any allegations of fraud from either contending party?

First, they use picture ballots that don’t even require any reading by voters. Pick up a picture of your candidate from a stack of pictures of the candidates, place that picture in the envelope, place it in the ballot box, and your ballot will be counted. CNN en Espanol shows what those ballots look like here. No hanging chads, no complaints about what kind of pens are given.

Next, votes are verified by hand and both parties approve them before the ballots can be counted.

This person, who appears to be an Argentinian with a Japanese handle based on his Twitter profile, explains it out to some ignorant leftist English speaker:

Both parties have to approve the ballots before they can be counted. That sounds like a helpful idea here for restoring confidence in elections, given that only a single party counts and reports ballots in the extended counting-period counties of the U.S. and election observers are typically illegally excluded, deceived about counting periods, and sidelined to the point that their observation is useless because they can’t see the counting at all, here in the states.

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Hey I see where they displayed the Gadsen Flag which some narrow minded Idiots claims is Racists

Maybe they didn’t have to wait until they see how many was needed for the corrupt candidate needed to win before they announced the totals. Like the Democrats in 2020 and 2022.



Paper ballots and hand counting would insure no future democrat victories. democrats only win when they cheat.