From Social Media Fury to CNN Hysteria: The Ten Commandments Controversy Explodes


by Jeff Childers

Yesterday’s Lousiana Ten Commandments story grew legs, both in the media and the C&C comments, and starting springing through the public imagination. It was the top story on Google News this morning. Social media was abuzz. God must not enter the classroom! Here’s a sample of yesterday’s hysterical headlines.


image 8.png

The Daily Beast:

image 9.png

The Associated Press:

image 10.png

The New York Times (op-ed by David French):

image 11.png

Amidst the social media firestorm, here came January 6th anti-insurrectionist and revolting Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD):

image 12.png

Lockdown-loving maskaholic and Teacher’s Union president Randi Weingarten:

image 13.png

And, from our own C&C comments section, here was one thoughtful but passionate example selected at random:

image 14.png

Most C&Cers, like me, recognized the bigger spiritual battle: Restoring God to the classroom displaces evil entities currently roosting there. But recognizing not everyone shares that conviction, and that opinions on this topic are mixed, well-intended, and passionate, I will wade into the controversy just enough to make a few simple, uncontroversial points that should be helpful to both sides and hopefully will elevate the conversation.

Two quick points. First, America was founded as a Judeo-Christian nation. That is a historical fact. It should be undebatable. We can disagree over whether that fact is good or bad (my view, for whatever it’s worth, is that it is an unqualified good). But it is inarguable that, for the Nation’s first 150 years, in full view of the Constitution, during official business, Congress and our Presidents routinely prayed to and recognized the God of the Bible and His Son, Jesus.

Second, also historically, until 1962, when the Supreme Court first ruled school-sponsored prayer unconstitutional in Engel v. Vitale, it was common in many public schools to display the Ten Commandments and incorporate Bible readings or teachings into lessons. Again, this widespread acceptance of Biblical morality occurred during generations of Americans who lived closer in time than we do to the original drafting of the Bill of Rights.

Responding to one of the C&C commenter’s points: the truth is atheists, Muslims and Satanists alike all live in a historically Judeo-Christian country. Good, bad, or indifferent, that is a fact. In the public square, non-Christians may freely worship, without government interference, whatever gods they conceive. They can create their own religious schools and teach their own doctrines in any state in the Union. But they have no claim to any historicity of tolerance for their sacred texts in public schools.

Again, we can argue about normative issues, whether our Nation’s Christian history is good or bad, but the fact remains.

Let us observe another undeniable fact: the Supreme Court’s “separation of Church and State” jurisprudence arose during its renaissance in Constitutional interpretation, when the historically liberal Warren Court discovered the Constitution was a living document moldable by judicial decree. Ten years after banning school prayer, using the same flexible interpretive standards, the same ideological Court under equally flexible Chief Judge Burger would surprise the world by discovering the penumbral right to abortion hidden deep in the shadows of the Constitution’s living essence

You might accept the left’s argument that striking school prayer was Constitutional progress. But by definition, flexible standards aren’t standards at all. The Court giveth, and the Court taketh away. In 2022, the present originalist Court, in its Dobbs decision, struck down Roe, holding that the 1973 decision was “egregiously wrong from the start” and that its reasoning was “exceptionally weak.”

Again, setting aside the controversial normative questions over the rightness or wrongness of any of these issues, the core argument remains that the Constitution, as originally written, neither guaranteed the right to abortion nor prohibited Christian prayer in public schools.

That is a fact.

In our Constitutional system of government, all powers not expressly granted to the federal government in the Constitution were reserved to the states. Like the Ten Commandments, the Tenth Amendment is simple and straightforward:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Louisiana’s new law requiring posting the Ten Commandments in public schools is better described as a Dobbs-like challenge to the Warren Court’s flexible Constitutional interpretation of the Establishment Clause, which forbids the federal government from establishing any official state religion. Before 1962, it was widely understood that power, the power to establish an official religion, was reserved to the states. After all, the original colonies had been organized around different Christian religious traditions and worried the new federal government would put its then-tiny thumb on the denominational scale.

If you agree with me so far, then the debate isn’t truly about whether Louisiana’s new law is fair or intolerant. The real debate is over whether changing the Constitution’s original intent about a state’s right to decide its own religious matters requires a Constitutional Amendment rather than another new Supreme Court decision. But here we are.

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So… what if people actually followed the Ten Commandments? What would be the down side? (well, aside from the fact that they are the polar opposite of the left’s agenda)

Stupid ass teachers have no problem indoctrinating children with the most heinous of things. From CRT to DEI and on teachers are poisoning the youth. And it does not stop with elementary and high school. It continues when they reach college.
Seeing everyday the teachings of God would go a long way to correcting the rot in our culture.
They also should say the Pledge of Allegiance first thing every morning.
President Trump says we need to stop funding schools that promote CRT in their curriculum.

Mikey loses his job.

These are the laws of humanity. When they are routinely violated, we have the chaos we see today. For instance, for too many children see murder as a reasonable and acceptable way to express themselves. Where does this come from if not from a complete rejection of the very Ten Commandments themselves?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Congress make no such law. The state of Louisiana made the law. You are a typical stupid democrat.

State laws cannot be in violation of the U.S Constitution.

Did you sleep through citizenship class? Refer to Article VI, Paragraph 2 of the U.S. Constitution. This is a fundamental principle.

Last edited 28 days ago by Greg

Sure they can.

So we’ve now established that you’re totally clueless…

Note that two of the resident MAGA “patriots” just down-voted the First Amendment.

Last edited 28 days ago by Greg

The down vote is on you skipper. You are just too stupid to realize it.

Last edited 28 days ago by TrumpWon

I think you would agree that that threshing children r the embodiment of the Ten Commandments would be of importance when developing character. Contrast that with teaching CRT or the homosexuals favorite book, gender queer. Children having the solid foundation of moral values would recognize drag queens to be offensive and an affront. Teaching children that God created just two genders would prevent genitalia mutilations and the use of hormone blockers so children could develop biologically as God intended. Surely you can agree on that or you are nothing but a hopeless stooge of the left.

The Ten Commandments are NOT ”a religion.”
Lots of religions, from Christian, to Jewish, to Muslim, to Buddhist, to Hindu all revere each and every one of those commandments as ideals.


Biden’s Attorney Preparing to Challenge 2024 Election Results

biden not willing to accept the results when the American people overwhelmingly vote for President Trump? Say it isn’t so…

They see it coming.

Did not the Supreme Court tell Joe he could not do this?

Biden’s Student Debt Cancellation a Main Cause of $400B Increase in ’24 Deficit

Projected deficit in excess of two trillion.
Interest on the debt crosses the one trillion dollar threshold.

Last edited 28 days ago by TrumpWon

Comrade Greggie, your level of stupidity never fails to surprise me.

Insults from MAGA morons don’t nullify the supremacy clause.

State laws cannot be in violation of the U.S Constitution.

Last edited 28 days ago by Greg

#1: What is wrong with MAGA?

#2: I understand the Constitutional clause that you can’t seem to comprehend.

#3: If you want me to expose your stupidity, I’m more than happy to show why you clearly don’t understand what you yourself posted.

You no more understand the meaning of Article VI or the Tenth Amendment.
How can you be your age and still so f*cking clueless?

You don’t understand diddly squat. State laws cannot be in violation of the U.S Constitution.

Post the ten commandments in any church, temple, or private setting you care to. I’m all for it. Publicly funded governmental settings are out, however, because it then represents an official endorsement of Judeo-Christian religions. This is forbidden by the establishment clause of the First Amendment.

By the way, the SCOTUS just knocked down the right of domestic abusers to possess firearms, and upheld the prohibition of a foreign income tax dodge widely employed by billionaires. Clarence opposed both findings.

Last edited 28 days ago by Greg

No it doesn’t. The laws of God are immutable and they do not endorse any religion. You have lost this one skipper.

The U.S. Constitution is not a theological document. America is not a Judeo-Christian theocracy.

It is BASED ON the Ten Commandments.

Bill, you need to understand that Comrade Greggie, being the coward he is, will now avoid answering MY request that he back up his claim by giving us actual Constitution clauses/amendments that supports his claims. His running away from an issue that he knows he is losing is historical.

I have done so, idiot. You seem to be pretending that the establishment clause and supremacy clause don’t exist. They do, and have from the beginning.

Where does the Constitution—the foundational document of all our nation’s laws—say that? NOWHERE.

The establishment clause of the First Amendment specifically forbids the State from endorsing any particular religion.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

Congress not the State. You are pathetic.

The three branches of our federal and state governments and their various administrative components constitute the State. Congress is part of that.


Federal and state governments are independent of one another. The states existed before there was a federal government.
It would appear that instead of civics your education focused on CRT. How on earth do federal and state governments constitute the “state”?

And then they united into a single nation where all state laws must comply with the principles of a single Constitution. What is your point?

The states existed before there was a federal government.

You say the federal government should be disempowered and the power of individual states elevated, but you’re following a crackpot who wants presidential power comparable to that of an authoritarian leader. You seem oblivious to the contradiction.

No such contradiction skipper.

The Constitution was to limit federal power, you could move to another state if you did not like the laws there. Central power has always been a really bad idea, kings, emperors etc.
If you had an ounce of comprehension you would not see the contradiction you speak of.
The Constitution isnt principles its the supreme law, it isnt a living document it says what it says. Federal codes are mostly infringements to freedoms.

The Federal government should only do that which the Constitution specifies.

Tenth Amendment

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

The 10th amendment clearly states what the Federal can and can not do. There is no ambiguity in the document. Since the 1890’s and predominantly in the early 20th century, the progressives on the left began their attack on the Constitution. They recognized to deconstruct The United States from its intended creation, elements needed to be changed in a way that essentially neutered the strength of the Constitution.

The 16th and 17th amendments were critical to pave the way to weaken the Constitution and lessen the power from the states and transfer it to the federal government. What has resulted is a leviathan that grows exponentially. Thus, the dismantling of the administrative state can return the usurped power taken by the federal government back to the states and in that way begin the reformation of a government “of the People and for the People”.

Last edited 27 days ago by TrumpWon

NOT the three branches of the STATE governments.
JUST the three branches of the federal gov’t.
And, only commies capitalize the word, “state,” when it refers to federal gov’t.

The United States of America has never been referred to as the “State”. That is without question the most ignorant attempt to describe the form of government created by the Framers. Not one of the Framers ever referred to the aggregate of state and federal governments as the “State”.

Well, why don’t you read the Constitution and read the Ten Commandments and see if you find parallels. It’s NOT about religion; it’s about humanity. But, you condone infanticide, so it is little wonder that you don’t understand.

Again, what is the downside of following the Ten Commandments?

Last edited 28 days ago by Just Plain Bill

HUGE! Case Against Nevada GOP Alternate Electors Dismissed By Judge… Radical Dem AG Loses His Mind

More winning. A blueprint for AZ, MI and Ga.

Whenever an election fraud case is heard by an honest judge, the evidence examined, the Democrat’s fraud is exposed. Note that, as is the case 100% of the times Democrats don’t get what they want, they denounce the court.

When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

“I don’t want to see religious bigotry in any form. It would disturb me if there was a wedding between the religious fundamentalists and the political right. The hard right has no interest in religion except to manipulate it.”

~ Rev. Billy Graham ~

Was it religious “bigotry” when Biden’s FBI spied on Catholics?

“Catholic” and “terrorist” aren’t mutually exclusive terms. Fanatics can be of any religious persuasion, or not religious at all.

How many tall buildings have Catholics taken down with jet liners?

Give me an example of Catholic terrorism.

State laws cannot be in violation of the U.S Constitution.

Give me the part of the U.S. Constitution that covers the prohibition of any state posting the Ten Commandments.

But, when Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden violates the Constitution, you’re OK with it, because he’s doing it to pander for votes, right?

Bidens followers are getting few in number you Moron

It just prohibits having established religion you Dweeb there are no Separation of Church and State mentioned

There is No Separation of Church and Sate anywhere in the U.S. Constitution is just prohibits having Established Religion the Ham-A** wants

Thank goodness the kids cant read or they might be evangelized or something.

Yet we are being flooded by illegals who are coming here anyway. Don’t they know the utopia they are missing elsewhere? Also Biden has been in DC for decades and solved nothing. As president he has made things for the average citizen worse and you want more of it.
Oh lookie here.

Greg what is your point? Travelling in Europe is much like travelling in the US, a road trip. The flooding of immigrants is killing the diverse cultures of the EU. Hence you see the rise in Nationalism there.
The driving distance from London (LHR) to Madrid (MAD) is 1090 miles, driving distance between Italy to Germany is 1504 km, lots of stuff to see between.
If your thought process followed any sense your post would be interesting not another WE Greg.
London or Paris to Mecca just walk out your door and get stabbed or raped.

Last edited 28 days ago by kitt

Point? Greg? The one and only point he ever has is he hates the United States and wishes it was more like Venezuela (even more than it already is).

If everywhere else has all the economic benefits we do without the “threats”, why does the entire world try to come here?

No doubt anticipating such objections, Louisiana earmarked no state money for the mandate’s implementation, relying instead on private funds.

Likewise, to affirm that the mandated display constitutes an acknowledgement of the Ten Commandments’ historical significance, not an endorsement of a particular religious creed, the law also requires a four-paragraph context statement tying the Ten Commandments to American foundational documents.

Leftists Cry ‘Separation of Church and State’ Over New Ten Commandments Law – Here’s a History Lesson for Them

Right-wing political pimps manufacturing a hot-button issue—that’s what we have here.

They’re hypocrites beginning with the first commandment. Their true God is MONEY. Their presidential candidate is a serial adulterer and a thief, who bears false witness every time he opens his mouth. He covets the property of others. Sunday is a day for golf. He paid zero attention to religion until it became a tool to manipulate his supporters.

Last edited 28 days ago by Greg

We aren’t electing a priest.

Last edited 28 days ago by Greg

How many millions to Biden are laundered through Act Blue and identity theft?

I give up. Tell me how many.

How many millions to Biden are laundered through Act Blue and identity theft?

It’s rather like asking how many abortions pro-life politicians have secretly paid for.

Last edited 28 days ago by Greg

“[ActBlue] raised almost $513 million during the second quarter of 2022.
ActBlue is an online fundraising platform for Democratic candidates and organizations. It emphasizes its strong grassroots fundraising programs and has reported raising over $12 billion since 2004.

Last edited 28 days ago by kitt

What don’t you understand about the definition of the word “potentially“?

po·ten·tial·ly /pəˈten(t)SHəlē/ – adverb – with the capacity to develop or happen in the future.

It’s a weasel word, meant to suggest there’s some indication that this actually happened. In fact there’s nothing suggesting that it did.

Any unidentified person walking into a bank is a potential bank robber.

Exposed: Investigation indicates ActBlue potentially ‘laundered’ fraudulent political donations

Last edited 28 days ago by Greg

But Democrats are proven thieves.

A trip down memory lane.
Bill Clinton with big white bible in hand. George Steffie now of ABC handing bimbo eruptions. Every Democrat in recent memory behind a church podium. No separation issues for you.
Then of course we have this one.'s%202008%20campaign,presidential%20campaign%2C%20POLITICO%20has%20learned.

And? It is simply imperative that Trump be elected and the leftist fascist totalitarian police state be CRUSHED.

With Trump, you’re talking about the guy who wants to use the military to enforce domestic law.

A new report found that President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is labeling Trump supporters, and military and religious people as potential “terror threats” to the United States.

According to documents obtained by American First Legal (AFL), the DHS board called “Homeland Intelligence Experts Group,” revealed that the Biden Administration views “a person likely to commit “domestic violent extremist” attacks with those who support former President Donald Trump, are “in the military,” or are “religious.”

EXCLUSIVE – New Docs from Disbanded DHS Deep State Group Reveal the Biden Admin Views Trump Supporters as “Domestic Terrorism Threats”

All this AFTER joe got reamed because he sicced his Deep State minions after parents who spoke at school board meetings!

Since they intentionally ignore the ultra-violent left, this confirms that the government is weaponized against the Democrats’ political opponents.

With Trump, you’re talking about the guy who wants to use the military to enforce domestic law.

That’s what has to be done when the leadership in blue cities and states will not enforce the law, protect citizens and property and allow widespread riots, looting and political terrorism. Don’t like it? Demand your leftist leaders enforce THE LAW.

I seem to remember Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden deploying 30,000 National Guard troops in DC for over a month, turning it into an armed camp. How about that?

Ex-joe donors are turning to Trump.
That’s chapping your hide, but not in a fun way, right, greg?

John Solomon just acquired document bis FOIA that reveal the bidens were in receipt of more than $120 through bribes. The bidens are a pack of feral dogs.

Yeah, what stands out to me is how poor and humble all Democrats are. So, I’ll try again: what would be the downside of presenting the Ten Commandments?

The Constitution does not specifically address a concept of separation between church and state. The Constitution forbids the government from the creation of a specific religion such a as was done in Britain with the Church of England.
The left lifted the phrase from a letter between the Danbury Baptists and Thomas Jefferson. It had no relevance to any law or interpretation to the Constitution.

The Texas Taliban; the fast lane to The Handmaid’s Tale.

Jesus was a leftist.

Last edited 28 days ago by Greg

No, Comrade Greggie, Jesus Christ was not a leftist. Nor was he the opposite. He commanded us to give to Ceasar what was Ceasars, and to God what was Gods. I’m sure you don’t understand that. Because you really are one f*cking idiot who tries to justify your stupidity.

What a sad POS you are.

Religion in the Original 13 Colonies | Under God |

greg is a piss poor excuse for a human being let alone an American. His views are contrary to the American way. His hatred of Trump is irrational.

Like all leftists, Greg is simply automatically against anything that restricts personal behavior, even though they support every limit on anyone else’s freedoms with enthusiasm. “Thou shalt not commit murder? THAT’S BULLSHIT!! Handmaiden’s Tale! Handmaiden’s Tale!” And, of course, “Thou shalt not bear false witness” is an absolute deal killer.

Says the guy who thinks government should be able to take control of women’s bodies.

Greg is simply automatically against anything that restricts personal behavior, even though they support every limit on anyone else’s freedoms with enthusiasm. 

Last time I looked, except in cases where Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s wetbacks are raping little girls and murdering women, women have absolute authority to screw or not to screw.

My hatred for Donald Trump is ENTIRELY rational. If he weren’t running for president again after the bullshit he attempted on January 6, I wouldn’t give a damn about him.

Last edited 28 days ago by Greg

Your hatred is built on lies you believe ergo, your hatred is irrational. Do something more constructive with your miserable life.

You mean when he told his followers to “Peacefull go and make your voices heard”? You hate Trump because you hate this country. You support those who promise to tear it down and Trump obstructs that.

The m.f. sat on his fat ass for 3 hours watching his mob attacking the Capitol on TV while ignoring all pleas to call them off. People died as a result. If his army of crooked lawyers and politicized judicial tools weren’t obstructing the legal process, he’d be going to trial for his crimes before the election.

You’re apparently too damn stupid to understand that “Peacefully go and make your voices heard” was all about plausible deniability. His mentor was mob lawyer Roy Cohn.

Last edited 27 days ago by Greg

That has been debunked so you can stop recycling the lie.
There is no obstruction of the legal system, all legal filings are well within the system.

No, it HAS NOT been debunked. It has been CONFIRMED in sworn testimony by people who were inside the White House at the time it happened.

Where is all the sworn testimony? The evidence destroyed by the J6 “committe themselves.
How about him wrestling for the Beasts wheel, fighting with SS?
Pathetic recycled lies you love to repeat.

Last edited 27 days ago by kitt

Waiting to be presented at the January 6 trial that the son-of-a-bitch would destroy anything to block.

Last edited 27 days ago by Greg

There will never be a J6 trial. Fischer v United States will go against the government skipper.

If there is, your cult leader will be totally f*cked, and he knows it. The evidence against him is overwhelming.

Last edited 27 days ago by Greg

The only thing greg has are lies.

How evangelicals abandoned Christianity — and became “conservatives” instead

As an evangelical pastor for many years, I saw faith in Jesus Christ gradually replaced by right-wing ideology

As a pastor I was always uncomfortable using God’s word to pressure people to give money to the church. It seemed like a dirty trick: Play on the fear of disappointing God by convincing people on fixed incomes to provide for my livelihood. So I never did, much to the chagrin of my board of trustees. For the past 70 years, however, evangelical leadership has used this fear of God to raise billions of dollars to fight those the evangelicals have deemed to be the enemies of God. This naturally requires a private jet, a television network, a super PAC and a con artist pastor and politician to lead the way. 

The first set of enemies were of course the feminists, the pro-choice advocates and the LGBTQ community. Jerry Falwell Sr. said in 1980, “We must stand against the Equal Rights Amendment, the feminist revolution and the homosexual revolution.” From that point forward, the blueprint to effect political change for God — and to raise money for that cherished cause — was created. God’s call was clear, or so the congregations were told, and the enemies were equally clear. The evangelical movement was born and money started flowing to numerous evangelical organizations. Politicians used evangelical language to win elections, and the God vote became more and more aligned with the Republican Party.  

My problem is that the Christian faith was lost — as I have argued previously in Salon — during these massive fundraising campaigns. Donald Trump and the evangelical political machine raised millions of dollars, while completely removing anything that even remotely looked like the Christian faith. I believe a Christian reformation in American evangelical politics is desperately needed — not only to save my beloved faith, but to save the country.

True reform of the evangelical political machine will never happen, however, as long as the current evangelical leadership holds the reins. Understand that the leaders who have recently been fighting for control of the Southern Baptist Convention are no different than Jerry Falwell Sr. or Pat Robertson in the past, or Robert Jeffress and Franklin Graham today. These new evangelicals feel the need to be more discreet about their homophobia and anti-equality agenda. Perhaps they will even reject Trump now that he’s no longer president, but do not expect them to show up at the next Pride rally or Black Lives Matter march. The problem here is that this relationship between the evangelical leadership and the Republican Party has become what Christians call a covenant. 

 Over the last 70 years, Christian theology has been steadily replaced, within the evangelical world, by Republican or “conservative” ideology. I noticed this in my time at an evangelical seminary and during my years in ministry, whenever political discussion would go beyond abortion and gay rights. When the conversation turned towards gun rights, immigration, taxing the wealthy, education or health care, the tenets of Christian theology disappeared behind Republican talking points. 

The evangelical political message was that the Bible should be used in politics to attack certain people, but never to question oneself. That’s how you get people to donate: Make the enemy clearly visible and easily definable. That’s why the Bible is almost never used in politics as a justification for serving the poor, welcoming the foreigner, healing the sick or promoting equality. That agenda is not likely to motivate donations from wealthy white heterosexual men. Therefore, over time the evangelical message became that “American” and “Republican” were more important labels than “Christian” — or that they were effectively the same thing… 


…This shift is most obvious around the issues of gun rights and immigration. If you want to reject the foreigner, build a wall and own a private artillery, go right ahead. That is your right. But it is not your right if you sincerely want to follow the teachings of Jesus. We are not gun owners; we are pacifists. We are not provided with the gift of freedom and independence by God just to make sure no one else can have it.  

The ugliest part of this agenda is that evangelicals have come to believe in rejecting the foreigner and keeping their guns because they are protecting what is “rightfully theirs.” A true Christian should understand that nothing except condemnation is rightfully theirs. This country, their home, their freedom and their very lives belong to God. So how in God’s name can a Christian support an agenda based on violence and racism?

I have never understood the appeal of gun culture, but I understand that Jesus was a man of peace. He certainly had a large enough following to fight back with force against the false sedition charges brought against him. With one speech, Jesus could have caused great political and religious difficulty in Jerusalem by doing what Trump did on Jan. 6. But that is not the Christian way. 

When one of Christ’s disciples did use a weapon to defend Jesus, his words were clear: “Put your sword back in its place, for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.” That should be enough for any follower of Jesus. We are not commanded to be violent people. If there is an enemy, we are to love that enemy and pray for that enemy, not murder that enemy.

This issue around immigration is quite clear in the Bible. Leviticus 19 tells us, “The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt.” There is no greater call on a Christian than to embrace the foreigner. In fact, there is a theory that if a Christian does not accept the foreigner, then God may reject that Christian at those pearly gates of heaven.  


Evangelical leaders have focused their agenda on protecting things they feel entitled to, while focusing the attention of their followers on what they define as the enemies of God. That fear of God’s enemies has allowed billions of dollars of donations to flow into the hands of religious hypocrites. They have convinced millions of Christians that the enemies of God are people who live south of the border, who are coming for their guns, their jobs, their property, their health insurance, their taxes and even their families. Trump tapped masterfully into the fear planted by evangelical leaders in the hearts of their followers. In the end, millions of Christians have abandoned their faith for a narrow-minded political ideology.   

True Christian theology commands quite the opposite. A person of faith is not driven by fear, but by love. Grace is extended to the foreigner, forgiveness is offered to the prisoner, health care is offered to the sick, food is offered to the hungry and equality is offered to all.  

Salon, meh

Yeah, getting religious guidance from Salon is a wise decision. For a dumbass.

AGAIN, what is the downside of observing the Ten Commandments? Perhaps you are too ignorant to know, but the Taliban cuts people’s heads off for not believing their religion; is that really the corollary you make with the Ten Commandments? Are you THAT stupid?

Jesus was nothing like the degenerate left.

AGAIN, what is the downside of observing the Ten Commandments?

What’s the downside of any religious observance in the classroom? Surely you won’t mind if schools post readings from the Qur’an.

Sure its fine to post verses from the Qur’an these are not religious “observances” as you put it. It isnt as though they would circumsize or give the host, but make sure as LA did none of it is funded by the public coffers.
How about this one
 Surah 5:22. ” When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she will not be freed at the end of six years as the men are.

Last edited 28 days ago by kitt

Louisiana requires that the Ten Commandments be posted in each classroom. You’re saying that it won’t be funded with public money. Who will be paying for all these displays, then?

Who pays for rainbow flags and BLM banners?

Individual teachers. You’re implying that Louisiana is mandating a Ten Commandments display in each class and that each individual teacher will have to supply the display out of his or her own pocket. That’s not the way things work.

Mikey you have a computer look it up. Get out of the high chair and quit asking to be spoonfed.

The Ten Commandments is hardly a “religious observance”. Those are the rules our laws are based on, rules, in one form or another, the entire world follows. No, I don’t think teaching children to rape, pillage and murder anyone that does not believe in Islam would be a good curriculum.

The Ten Commandments aren’t “taught”, they are displayed.

Again, what is the downside? Gutlessness overtaking you again?

The Ten Commandments is hardly a “religious observance”. 

That’s possibly the stupidest thing you’ve ever typed, in a long, long history of typing stupid things.

The downside of posting the Ten Commandments in class is forcing a particular religion on students who may be adherents of other religions — or of no religion at all.

Last edited 27 days ago by Michael

And what “particular “ religion does the Ten Commandments represent?

So you don’t even know which religion the Old Testament comes from, and which ones hold it holy today.

I shouldn’t be surprised.

You obfuscation, groomer, shows that like all leftist you a: don’t know or b: the answer does’t fit with your opinion of the issue.
Your response is absolutely pathetic coming from an “educator.”

Thanks for your input, Crusty Green Oozing Vag! Have you been to the doctor about that issue yet? It can probably be cleared up with some antibiotics.

Ah, still no answer from the one who seems to know only how to make vile insults.
How much easier to just give an honest answer but that seems to be beyond your abilities.

You’ll never get an answer from the gutless liar. The ANSWER is that everyone he knows doesn’t like the Ten Commandments so he has to denounce them, too.

Mikey no one s forcing the kids not to murder lie or steal, we know its only Christians who observe these 10 silly rules. Its a poster Im sure there are Plenty of Parents that would pay for the inexpensive decoration.
About 24 bucks from shutterfly, easily covered by a bakesale, or go fund me.
42 bucks on canvas from Amazon.
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From HB71:

An institution or management board may spend its funds or donated funds to purchase such displays and may accept donated displays.

An institution or management board spending its funds to purchase the display is, in fact, using public funds to support a particular religion, which is something you specifically said that was not part of the law.

In our country, government is not supposed to be favoring one religion over another. This clearly does.

Trump’s favorite commandments ares number VII, VIII, IX, and X.

Pro abortion leftists do not like the VI commandment because the left kills babies in or out of the womb.

What is the downside to displaying the Ten Commandments? What if students actually started respecting them?

we know its only Christians who observe these 10 silly rules

Then why post them in a classroom that is more and more likely to have students in it who aren’t Christian?

Still waiting for you to state what “particular “ religion the Ten Commandments represent.

Didn’t you go to Sunday school? Maybe you slept through that, just like your citizenship classes.

The “Abrahamic” religions, and not all students follow those religions—and many follow no religion at all. That makes posting the Ten Commandments in class the wrong thing to do.

Kids can wear Ten Commandment clothing or get the Ten Commandments tattooed on their foreheads, if their parents allow it, but a government entity should not be pushing religion. It’s even worse to favor certain religious groups over others.

If government pushes religion on kids, THAT’S grooming and indoctrination.

Do you have the same objections to pride flags, and gender bending teachers often with purple/lime green hair in classrooms pushing their LBGQXYZ agenda on impressionable young minds?

Yes, and I’ve said so at this blog more than once. I also feel that teachers shouldn’t indicate their political preferences to students.

To be fair, I don’t care about the weird hair colors. I don’t do it, but dying one’s hair green is not pushing anything on kids.


What am I lying about?

Why dont you google the name mikey want spoon feeding again gelding?

What am I lying about?

Everything you write about.

Have you told Randi Weingarten how you feel?

I don’t know who that is, so no, I haven’t.

You’re a teacher in California, right?

Hoo hoo finally he used his computer to come up with an answer. Thinks instruction manuals on fag sex in libraries is fine and rainbow flags is neutral, little gay parades with students coloring paper flags, no problem.
Abrahamic religion needs to be hidden from kids lest they find out that abominations are not normal, brave or heroic.

“Thinks instruction manuals on fag sex in libraries is fine and rainbow flags is neutral, little gay parades with students coloring paper flags, no problem.”

That’s something you’re making up entirely out of your brain.

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In kids school libraries
This book is gay
All boys arent blue
Gender queer
“Nick and Charlie,” written by Alice Oseman, is the story of two boys who engage in gay sex
You lie to yourself but its a short trip to the internet.

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You said that *I* think it’s okay. What about that article says that I’m behind that stuff?

Have you done a thing to stop any of it?
Never admit I didnt make it up in my head dodge that shit.

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I’m supposed to fight against something that doesn’t happen where I work?

Have you looked in the library?
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But Trump LOVES the poorly educated.

His one special talent is an ability to convince the rubes of ANYTHING. He’ll go down in the history books as King of the Con.

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Ys he loves all citizens doesnt call us names like deplorable, nazis ect.

Democrats love the indoctrinated, aka “highly educated”. Trump loves all. Unlike Democrats, he doesn’t look down his nose at the mechanics, welders, plumbers, fitters, electricians, carpenters, etc. These are the people the “highly educated” call when their tire is flat or their faucet drips, but they despise them because they haven’t been “educated” to hate this nation.

Just out of curiosity, what line of work were you in (or *are* you in, if you haven’t retired yet)?

I was in the corporate aviation business for 37 years, working up from cabinet shop to manager of trim and upholstery. And, I’m retired. The business is full of non-college educated people who may have some tech school or military training. They earn around $35 to $45 an hour with great benefits. A SKILL, not some social theory that never works.

You said that I’m okay with it. You absolutely made that up in your head.

I never said you were behind it you dont have the skills to begin such a destructive project to twist the kids, you just do as you are told like a slave.

I see that you’re now just throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks.

Yes you are.
I see less controversy with the 10 commandments than pushing abominations and mental illness.

It’s not religion. It’s human behavior.

“Thou shalt have no God before me.” How does that fit into your rationalization?

It would be beneficial to students to learn what it means to “worship your belly,” to “worship money,” to “worship one’s genitals,” to “worship a human,” etc.

But it isn’t a “rationalization,” mike, it is critical thinking.

Altho it might be obvious to YOU that worshiping oneself or one’s income is hurtful, children can’t always see that and often don’t even realize they are doing it until it’s too late and they’ve allowed someone to cut their dicks off.

Look at the green movement.
How often it hurts the very environment it purported to “worship.”
SF just found out you poison land, sea, lake and air by “salting” clouds to “cool the planet.”
CA, in an expression of saving the planet, made it unlawful to remove trees from even private property, causing a beetle infestation that led to bigger, more fierce forest fires and deaths.
Wouldn’t it be nice if worshipers of “the planet,” or, “gaia,” could look at the consequences of their POTENTIAL actions before running headlong into destruction, long term?

It can mean anything you like. Worship God or A god. But don’t worship material things or false gods, such as fascism, socialism LGBTQ-ism, climate change or money.

Because it is needed to counter the faggotry religion that the left fully endorses being foisted upon young minds.

So, what you are trying to make us believe that YOU believe is that the laws laid down in the Ten Commandments are totally unique to Judea/Chrisitan religion. NO ONE ELSE forbids murder, stealing, rape, lying, etc.

No, scooter… YOU have written the stupidest thing ever. The only objection is that it is not promoting degenerate behavior, so it is too restrictive.

Just Plain Bill:
Those who object to the ten commandments do so because they reject morality of right and wrong. I know of only one religion that doesn’t embrace the basic principles of the ten commandments. So don’t try and pull that kind of Christians only stuff, as I recall the commandments were given to the jews. But that is neither here nor there. People who murder babies in their wombs and call it reproductive health are the same people who steal and call it social justice.

Our nation would be better if we’d embrace these principles rather than take photos of a woman being raped on a subway and do nothing about it.

My point. Though the Ten Commandments, per say, are usually associated with Judea/Christianity, they are basic principles that, if actually followed, would make for a much better world. But, leftists oppose it simply because they do NOT abide by anyone restricting their degenerate tendencies. “Religion” is an excuse.

I myself have soured on organized religions but I still try (and fail) to live Christian tenets.

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Trump would endorse the devil if he would gain votes from it.

06/22/24 – Trump endorses Ten Commandments in schools, implores evangelical Christians to vote in November

Donald Trump told a group of evangelicals they “cannot afford to sit on the sidelines” of the 2024 election, imploring them at one point to “go and vote, Christians, please!”

Trump also endorsed displaying the Ten Commandments in schools and elsewhere while speaking to a group of politically influential evangelical Christians in Washington on Saturday. He drew cheers as he invoked a new law signed in Louisiana this week requiring the Ten Commandments to be displayed in every public school classroom.

“Has anyone read the ‘Thou shalt not steal’? I mean, has anybody read this incredible stuff? It’s just incredible,” Trump said at the gathering of the Faith & Freedom Coalition. “They don’t want it to go up. It’s a crazy world.’’

Trump a day earlier posted an endorsement of the new law on his social media network, saying: “I LOVE THE TEN COMMANDMENTS IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, PRIVATE SCHOOLS, AND MANY OTHER PLACES, FOR THAT MATTER. READ IT — HOW CAN WE, AS A NATION, GO WRONG???” …

Maybe by voting for a serial adulterer who worships money and bears false witness every time he opens his lying mouth?

What is the downside of displaying the Ten Commandments in schools?

Clearly you embrace the Biden crime family. The family that showers together; snorts together; banks together; finger paints and collects sales from China and Tehran together.

So go off to your drag queen show and tell us about how devoted you are to democratic principles as you parade with Hamas, BLM, Antifa, and 15 million illegals.

Your devotion to corruption is impressive.

My sock puppet detector just went off.

Well, at least you are consistent in your wrongness.

The Secrets of King Kon, explained by Scott Adams:

1. Understand that people are mostly irrational
Says Adams, “People are not wired to be rational. Our brains simply evolved to keep us alive. Brains did not evolve to give us truth. Brains merely give us movies in our minds that keeps us sane and motivated. But none of it is rational or true, except maybe sometimes by coincidence.”
2. Appeal to emotions
“The evidence,” says Adams, “is that Trump completely ignores reality and rational thinking in favor of emotional appeal. Sure, much of what Trump says makes sense to his supporters, but I assure you that is coincidence. Trump says whatever gets him the result he wants. He understands humans as 90-percent irrational and acts accordingly.”
3. When you appeal to emotions, facts don’t matter
According to Adams, “Trump knows psychology. He knows facts don’t matter. He knows people are irrational. While his opponents are losing sleep trying to memorize the names of foreign leaders-in case someone asks-Trump knows that is a waste of time. No one ever voted for a president based on his or her ability to name heads of state. People vote based on emotion. Period.”
4. When facts don’t matter, you can never be wrong
“If you understand persuasion,” Adams says, “Trump is pitch-perfect most of the time. He ignores unnecessary rational thought and objective data and incessantly hammers on what matters (emotions).”
5. Warp reality until you achieve your goal
“The Master Persuader will warp reality,” says Adams, “until he gets what he wants. He’s halfway done.”
6. Master identity politics
Adams says, “And identity is always the strongest level of persuasion. The only way to beat it is with dirty tricks or a stronger identity play. Trump is well on his way to owning the identities of American, Alpha Males, and Women Who Like Alpha Males. Clinton is well on her way to owning the identities of angry women, beta males, immigrants, and disenfranchised minorities. If this were poker, which hand looks stronger to you for a national election?”

Democrat game plan. Also, pander, pander, pander, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie.

You forgot to say “State Farm Arena.”

Wow Clinton? WGAF about that harpy loser?