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Is this welfare fraud part of the deficit that the Democrats refuse to approach. The figures are astronomical and if a non-citizen heroin dealer can get on food stamps, I assume anyone who wants to be on the Democrat Welfare Plantation is welcome to join up.

Whats the requirements for getting on food stamps, holding your hand out??

If you want to see the real part that the state of Florida is playing in the worsening national heroin problem, watch the documentary OxyContin Express, now playing on Current TV. Street sale of the prescription drug oxycontin is now epidemic. Nearly all of it is coming from Florida, where it can be quickly and repeatedly purchased by anyone who simply walks into one of Florida’s proliferating “pain clinics”. Users quickly transition to heroin, which is cheaper and sold by the same dealers who are trafficking oxycontin.

How this can be allowed to go on at such a scale in Florida without intervention is incomprehensible.

The follow-up documentary, Gateway to Heroin, is also currently airing on Current TV. It’s part of their Vanguard documentary series.

Maybe Rick Scott should forget about drug testing welfare recipients and use the same money to close down Florida’s pain clinic oxycontin operation. He’d be doing the rest of the country a big favor.