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Yeah well i can remember that back in the 70’s the earth would be so poluted our major cities would be kept under giant domes and we would need to wear gas masks to go outside all the rediculous prediction by Ehrlich and the rest of the doom sayers and the stupid KEVIN COSNER movie WATER WORLD and the Awful Broadcasting Company and their wrong predictions then the New York Slimes claiming there would be no more snow becuase of this Global Warming poppycock

That was good for a laugh

Newsflash researches and global warming advocates BLOCKED BY ICE too bad you fools

And this is precisely why we MUST spend BILLIONS upon BILLIONS more to protect the lies……errrr…..planet.

Next time you see some eco-twat with one of those dumb bumper stickers reading LOVE YOUR MOTHER and showing a picture of the earth roll down your window spit on the ground and say to them I’M SPITTING ON YOUR MOTHER Darn stupid granola munching tree hugging jerks

Seeing stuff like that sort of shows us a general unhappiness with your life Mr Plover
Does it have anything to do with the upcoming election?
Is that where the anger comes from?

Im easly agitated by green idiots

Hey dude that video is full of Libs like yourself who are unhappy and fear mongering. You should feel right at home.
Do you remember hurricane Katrina? We were told this was evidence of climate change and we would see more of them. More severe and more frequent ones.
So where have all the Katrina’s gone?

Well not to the USA
But we have had 3 super typhoons simultaneously in the Pacific
Perhaps you misunderstood the meaning of “we”
That was meant for all of humanity not just Americans
However I live in NYC we got hit by a massive storm unprecedented
It was named Sandy
We had 10feetvof water in Wall Street

Hey Mully we were also told that global cooling would begin in 2012
But strangely that didn’t happen and we keep getting record breaking temps each year
Heard about any droughts or heat waves? seen any return to normal Arctic sea ice levels ?
Seen the US Navy saying that they think our subs are going to be nice and safe like always under that polar ice cap?
No not everything that everyone had said about global warming has come true everywhere
The main prediction that the Earth will continue to warm because of the CO2, HAS been proven correct and 2/3 Americans believe it
The GOP continues to be the anti science party
Remember when Bush told the park rangers at the Grand Canyon they were forbidden to answer how old the canyon was because it conflicted with the religious beliefs of the GOP base ? I sure do
Science is not infallible (unlike faith) but it does give us the best picture of reality

Three useful climate books to read:

The Whole Story of Climate by Peters
Not by Fire, but by Ice, by Felix
Dark Winter by Casey

Instead of listening to alarmists on the left skew the news to scare us into submission, I recommend a little reading to educate oneself!

All those idiots who oppose drilling and fracking the Keep it in the Ground jerks need to go live in a cave all winter long a drafty,cold,dank bat and bug infested cave all winter long no fire to warm then no food to feed their fat little faces Lets show them the future living in their eco-freak world of idiots

I find it interesting how the Repub. message is based on fear—-with the notable exception of climate change–global warming.

Also of note So far Rasmussen only major poll giving consistent lead to DT Also the poll with highest BHO approval rating—Go Figure.

TIME magazine that was blabbering about GLOBAL WARMING was blabbering about GLOBAL COOLING back in the 1970’s Yeah just proof you cant ever belevie anything from these lying journalists and media reptiles

So now there is a direct link with climate change and typhoons? Newsflash: Typhoons predate climate change hysteria.
In the winter when globally we have record breaking reported cold that proves…..
Go back and look at hurricanes in New York in the 1950’s if you want to try to use Sandy as some sort of proof. Hint: There were more then than now.

We can all play this game.

The window on getting rich off the global warming scam is rapidly closing. The facts are starting to leak out even to those that are not seeking the truth. The lying blather being spread by the compliant and compliment liberal media is losing effect when the horrific effects of global warming fail to come to pass (fear tactics, @Richard Wheeler: ?)

@Richard Wheeler:

I find it interesting how the Repub. message is based on fear

You mean like when your party told us that if Reagan was elected his policies would kill all the old people or that he would get us into WWIII? Or that GWB would get us into WWIII? Or that any Republican president or Congress would mean millions of back alley abortions and a return to Jim Crow Laws and the KKK? Or how Trump is a megalomaniac or will be a dictator, like Obama hasn’t been the most power abusing President we’ve seen in recent times? Or how if Romney were elected President it would mean the end of “women’s rights”? I could go on but it is pointless.

At least the Republican Party let the people’s choice (for better or worse) get the nomination liked they promised unlike your party which looked its constituents straight in their eyes and told them that they were not trying to rig the election for Hillary. Thanks to Wikileaks, we now know that was a big lie just like, “I didn’t have any classified material on my server” or “I never sent or received anything marked classified on my emails”.

Hypocrisy abounds.