Facebook upgrade spurs fears of political bias


Facebook’s managers are deploying a new software upgrade that will dismantle myriad groups of like-minded political activists unless they get a special software-key from the company.

But Facebook managers are providing very limited information about which groups are being favored with the new key, prompting some activists to complain about possible political favoritism among Facebook managers, and many other activists to experiment with techniques and tricks to get the needed upgrade-key.

“Who is being given the upgrade?” asked Pamela Geller, the New York organizer of a 15,000-member group opposed to Islamist political groups. Without the special key, groups lose access to their members, she said. “I’ve seen people really freaking out.”

Facebook’s software changes do not impact the individual pages that Facebook subscribers use to stay in contact with friends and to tout their relationships, statuses and accomplishments. The upgrade only effects the software that links Facebook’s “groups” of like-minded people, each of which is managed by one or more group administrators.

The groups vary in size from a single person to more than one million people. They have varying levels of activity from nothing to very active.

The new software-upgrade will automatically archive all groups. Once archived, each group’s past activity will be still be visible on Facebook, but the groups’ administrators will lose access to their lists of group members. That means the administrators lose contact with everyone in their groups, and will be forced to recruit all those members again – unless Facebook provides them with the special upgrade software.

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If they dismantle the Progressive Activists who are out to destroy our Nation bit by bit…I’m in favor… LOL

THERE must be another competiter, like PAMELA GELLER WITH all her group
to change to relocate to another even lesser competiter, could make a dent in the FACEBOOK
CUSTOMERS, AND SHE COULD BE EAZYLY FOLLOWED BY OTHER GROUPS, IF THEY SEE THAT SHE GET A GOOD SERVICE, surely you cannot let them become dictators on individuals which organise

islamic terror groups routinely set up groups on facebook….

will they be getting keys?

I know rusty shacklford blogg owner of jawa report was kicked off facebook, but some really vicious goblins calling for and orginizing the destruction of and calling for the genocide of all jews get a a pass,

color me unimpressed with the management of facebook