‘Explosive’ Food Prices the Biggest Risk: Analyst


Overheating emerging markets, in China in particular, pose the biggest threat to the market and political situation in 2011 according to Philippe Gijsels, head of research at BNP Paribas Fortis Global Markets.

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The Obama administration keeps printing money to cover the huge debt they have accrued. Coupled with preventing drilling for oil and gas as well as the attacks on coal mining and coal fired power plants, the price of energy is rising here and abroad. A large component of food production is energy. Again, the left (progressives) implements policies without understanding the consequences.

Randy, I agree with you with one exception. I think they understand the consequences.

I think they not only understand the consequences, those are their intentions. When people are hungry, they are easier to control.

The highest unemployment rate in California is in our most fertile valley.
Our food basket for the nation and the world.
There, people stand in long food giveaway lines to pick up canned foods made in China.
Obama could end all that unemployment by simply turning the water back on.
He knows what he’s doing.
Keep an eye on this state dinner with him and China’s leaders.
Will he bow is beside the point.
How low will he bow?
That is the question.
(Yeah, it might be a figurative bow, I know.)

What the EPA has done to Central Valley is criminal. Why don’t they try to solve the” sardine ” problem ?

Now, they are starting to nix permits for coal mountain top blasting after they have spent billions for infrastructure. Democrats, Rockefeller and Manchin are going ballistic. Defund the EPA before it kills more jobs and people. Browner is a dingbat and an uncaring monster. Everything in the Odummy administration is out of control!

Heard from Clint Didier( A 2 time Superbowl winner who now farms in Wash. State) that the EPA wants no farming areas within 500 feet of rivers, creeks, and lakes. In Wash. State that eliminates 61% of the most productive land because of unfounded regulations pertaining to fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. He told Obummer to stick his farm subsidies where the sun don’t shine. Of course, Lisa Jackson is a complete idiot. Bureaucracy hobbling some of the best food producers in the world. Defund your EPA before the world faces starvation.