Expand drilling to ease energy crisis, voters say


Rising energy prices are prompting support among likely voters for expanding U.S. drilling and releasing oil from the country’s emergency stockpiles, a new poll conducted for The Hill shows.

By a 66-25 percent margin, likely voters say President Obama should encourage more oil and gas exploration offshore, and by a 50-35 percent margin they favor releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to moderate gas price increases.

The same survey shows that stepped-up GOP allegations that White House energy policies are raising prices have failed to give Republicans a political edge on the issue.

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It’s going to take years to get new drilling and then the prices could fall. There is a reason for this. Speculators drive up prices when there is a hint that supplies are lowering and go away when supplies are rising. There have been a couple times when prices dropped when a president said he would tap the U.S. oil reserves even though the reserves were never tapped. It would be harder for Obama to say that because he is already known for being all talk and no action.

Get real!!! Prices are never going to fall enough to NOT seek our own energy independence! And, if Clinton hadn’t used the same, lame Liberal line, “It’ll take TEN YEARS for that oil to arrive”…. we’d have it, RIGHT NOW WHEN WE NEED IT!!! So enough of the Liberal BS, we need to ACT! Unfortunately, we have a mentally impaired POTUS right now…. so we’ll probably have to wait until we can elect one who can THINK, and isn’t a “robotic Liberal”…. World in Crisis?? Obama talks of womens rights, and golfs…. what is WRONG with this picture??