Evidence That Weiner Was Talking Dirty to Underage Girls?


Here at patterico.com we have been covering the Weiner scandal from Day 1. In covering that story, we soon realized that one of the most disturbing aspects of the story was the possibility that Congressman Weiner had engaged in communications with underaged girls. For whatever reason, this is the part of the story that the media has ignored.

Although Andrew Breitbart had some evidence of Congressman Weiner’s interactions with underaged girls, the involvement of young girls in this story was first revealed by the web site Mediaite, which published a piece about two underaged girls who idolized Congressman Weiner — one of whom claimed to have incriminating private Twitter messages from the Congressman.

Yet when Mediate’s liberal reporter Tommy Christopher confronted the girls, that girl instantly took back her accusations against the Congressman. I lied! she said — and both girls pointed the finger of blame at a supposedly nefarious team of Republicans . . . a new spin on the story that must have seemed like a godsend to Weiner’s PR team.

My B.S. detector went into overdrive. The statements issued by the girls and their parents sounded like classic political spin — Weiner was praised as a hero who had done nothing wrong, while the girls were portrayed as helpless victims of nasty Republican operatives.

I published a post that revealed contradictions in Christopher’s story. That post of mine also revealed the specifics of what the girls said they had. For example, one of the underage girls had told a man named Mike Stack:

the DMs with that girl gennette are between gennette and [an underaged girl] with gennette telling her how she & weiner flirt

how they flirt on DM

The story changed completely when Weiner confessed on Monday. It became clear that not only had Congressman Weiner sent pictures of himself to women, he had also allegedly coached a young woman to lie. And a transcript appeared of sexually explicit conversations between Weiner and Las Vegas blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss.

But Rep. Weiner insisted that he believed all the girls were of legal age.

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When a spider spins a large web and that web eventually traps a few flies, does the spider throw back the young ones?
It encases them like all the rest.
Then it either lays eggs in them to eat them alive or it injects them with digestive fluids so they liquify and can be sucked out as a meal.

Weiner probably knew it was LIKELY that one or more of his sexual advances went out to underage girls….he just didn’t care.
He only cared about his own needs and wants.
Like the spider.

This is why he should resign.
He cannot properly represent women while he holds such low opinions of them.

Curt, Just a question? How long would a Law Enforcement Officer keep his job if these type of things became public knowledge about them? Interesting Huh?
What is good for the goose is not good for the gander?

I am still wondering where Liberal1(objectivity) is with his claims of a wild rumor by conservatives. Every day more and more of the truth comes to light and shows Weiner for what he really is. It’s no wonder he can hardly find anyone to defend his actions.

Years ago in the 70’s the Chicago Police Department was hiring a large group of officers. I was working at the race tracks and a little bored with the horse world. I was thinking about applying for a position.

A woman who knew me asked what I might do if I was alone in a room with a child molester. I wrinkled my brow and was at a loss for words. She said, “You would beat him to death and then you would be the one going to prison.” I realized she was right. I didn’t become a cop.

I respect the police for their professionalism and discipline, most of them are very good people.