Emails in favor of Gov. Scott Walker 62-32


Gov. Scott Walker was right: The angry crowds in Madison didn’t tell the whole story of how Wisconsinites felt.

In the week after Walker announced his plan to dramatically curtail public employees’ collective bargaining rights in the state budget repair bill, a wide majority of the emails to him expressed support, an analysis of those emails indicates.

But that support was significantly boosted by emails from pro-Walker senders from outside Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism analyzed a computer-generated random sample of 1,910 emails from the more than 50,000 that flooded Walker’s office in the week after he unveiled his plan on Feb. 11. Nearly all were related to the bill.

The emails were released Friday as the result of an open records lawsuit brought in Dane County Circuit Court by Isthmus newspaper and the Wisconsin Associated Press. A settlement reached earlier in the week required the governor to produce the emails and pay the plaintiffs’ legal fees, which totaled just over $7,000.

At the request of Isthmus, the Center analyzed the emails. A team of reporters logged each of the emails in the sample as for or against the bill, unclear or unrelated. They also noted the location of the sender when possible.

Of the emails related to the bill, 62 percent supported it, while 32 percent opposed it. The margin of error for the Center’s sample size is plus or minus 2.3 percentage points.

Wisconsin State Journal, via Jim Hoft

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Impressive number of supporters, but disarming knowing there was 32% that don’t. Just think, people of this ilk could be the neighbor you don’t know.

They took it a step further and took the out of state e-mails out of the sample group and it was till 55% in favor and 42% opposed….I’m sure the left leaning media was hoping to be able to stick it up Walkers rear and all they ended up with is epic fail….
Still I don’t under estimate, and I hope Walker isn’t either, the amount of time and money unions are dumping into the recall process. Hell the United Mine Workers took out a full page ad about a week ago in the State Journal and I’m not sure the represent anybody here in Wisconsin.

if i were walker, i would pack up my family and move from that hell hole wisconsin. it seems everyone in the state works for a union. what’s up with that?

in fact, if i were a republican politician, i would pack up and leave that GOD forsaken place. let the demons have at it. the state is broke, with the republicans gone, they can go completely california.

what a messed up bunch of people. the governor is not causing anyone to lose their job, but the union people are howling, even the stupid students. i would never hire anyone from that state or from their universities, because clearly they are very unamerican dolts.

leave and let them have their nightmare. oh and all you republicans in the state, pack up and leave too. that way your hard earned money will not be going to the sewer, union.

Turns out the judge who put the stay on Walker’s Budget fix has a dog in the hunt.
A rabid dog!

Judge Maryann Sumi’s son is Jake Sinderbrand who is “a former field manager with the AFL-CIO and data manager for the SEIU State Council.”
Both organizations have members who are employed in Wisconsin’s public sector.

I can’t access Facebook, but you should see his Facebook page!

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