Elon Musk’s X Drops ‘Thermonuclear’ Lawsuit on Media Matters



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Billionaire tech CEO Elon Musk has filed his “thermonuclear” lawsuit against Media Matters, the radical advocacy group behind a recent organized advertising boycott campaign.

The complaint requests unspecified monetary damages as well as an injunction ordering Media Matters to “immediately delete, take down, or otherwise remove” the article titled “As Musk endorses antisemitic conspiracy theory, X has been placing ads for Apple, Bravo, IBM, Oracle, and Xfinity next to pro-Nazi content.”

On November 16, Media Matters revealed research revealing that five big businesses — Apple, IBM, NBCUniversal’s Bravo, Oracle, and Comcast’s Xfinity — had their ads broadcast next to postings that “tout Hitler and his Nazi Party” on X. A day later, Media Matters released a report saying that it discovered advertisements for Amazon, NBA Mexico, NBCUniversal Catalyst, Action Network, and Club for Growth with white supremacist hashtags like “KeepEuropeWhite,” “white pride,” and “WLM” (“White Lives Matter”).

According to X’s lawsuit, Media Matters’ goal was to depict the Musk-owned social site “as being dominated by ‘white nationalist and antisemitic conspiracy theories,’” according to the complaint. “This November alone Media Matters released over twenty articles (and counting) disparaging both X Corp. and Elon Musk — a blatant smear campaign.”

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Media Matters just more leftists propaganda that real news

Really? Do you read enough Media Matters to make that assertion?

I guess you have an example of Media Matters presenting some conservative views in a positive light? It is a FACT that they are nothing but a leftist propaganda organ that originally set out to destroy Fox News. Why that enterprise qualifies for a tax exemption while conservative sites are harassed is indicative of how weaponized the IRS has become.

Sue the living shit out of them, Elon. The character of Media Matters mirrors that of its father, the Nazi sympathizer Soros: pure scum.