Elon Musk Has Perfect Response to Adam Kinzinger ‘Mentally Preparing’ to Leave Twitter/X


By Nick Arama

My colleague Sister Toldjah wrote about some of the folks who just like to mouth off about how they’re going to leave Twitter/X because they’re so upset with things under owner Elon Musk. It’s quietly hilarious because you don’t have to make an announcement. If you don’t like it, leave. Go somewhere else.

The funny thing is that most people who posture like that never seem to leave. We would probably all welcome it if they did since they’re usually some of the most annoying posters on the site. They wouldn’t be missed in the slightest.

Among the people making that announcement this weekend were the execrable Never Trumpers David French and Adam Kinzinger. French said he was leaving for Threads because it “boosts the worst” (mirror, check it). But Adam Kinzinger’s comment was even funnier.

Now that’s pretty funny. What do you have to “mentally prepare” for to leave a social media platform? He sounds like Hunter Biden entering a 12-step program. Last I heard, all you had to do was stop posting on a social media platform to leave it. You’re not going off to war. And if he thinks X is bad, why is he still there? Why doesn’t he just leave? Is he upset now that Ukraine — his love — is no longer taking center stage?

The problem of course is now that Kinzinger is no longer in Congress, he needs his affirmation “fix” — someone telling him he has value. And he constantly tweets like an addiction. So how is he going to give up something he has made so vital to his perception of himself? Sadly, this is what he’s made of himself after being in Congress. From congressman to becoming a CNN hack and an X troll, it’s a sad downward spiral.

In the words of my colleague Jennifer Oliver O’Connell:

But O’Connell wasn’t alone in taking down Kinzinger. Many joined in. Some reminded us of some of those sterling Kinzinger moments, such as when he threatened to fight “Catturd” for daring to mock him over Ukraine.

But Elon Musk topped off those great responses with his thoughts on why Kinzinger might be “mentally preparing” to leave.

Indeed, sounds right on target.

Community Notes has come and Kinzinger can’t get away with slinging some of the stuff he pushes.

You don’t even have to go back a full day to find a post from Kinzinger that has a Community Note correction on something false that he said.

Chances Kinzinger truly leaves?

Not high. I don’t think he can give it up.


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Chances Kinzinger truly leaves?

Not high. I don’t think he can give it up.

If he does… if he doesn’t… who cares? F**k him.