EJ Dionne says black people cannot do even simple tasks


From Ann Althouse

WaPo’s E.J. Dionne Jr. is getting histrionic about voter ID laws in his piece called “How States Are Rigging the 2012 Election.” Making it as racial as he possibly can…

In the bad old days, poll taxes, now outlawed by the 24th Amendment, were used to keep African Americans from voting…. This is the civil rights issue of our moment.

… he himself propagates racism in the form of an assumption that black people have trouble performing the simplest task.

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The “rigging” Mr Mustard refers to is the GOP addressing known problems with Democratic backed election law “rigging” that allowed ineligible persons to vote or created possibility for voter fraud. Foreign national students may have a student ID but be ineligible to vote. Same day registrants may have early voted in another state or locality. “Motor voter” laws enabled ineligible people to register to vote, with out a requirement to determine if they were eligible. Not to mention voting fraud committed via identity theft.