Don’t look for this from the dumpster-diver press


Sarah Palin emails: Enemies sent a series of death threats

One message sent by someone in Juneau, Alaska on Sept 17, 2008 said the governor should be “shot from one of the planes that shoot the very wolves that you ordered.”

Five days earlier an email landed in her in-box saying she “must be killed.”

It said: “She doesn’t belong to the NRA to support the right of each citizen to have weapons in an aim of self-defence, but just to support the right of every southern white citizen to shoot all non-white people legally! Sarah Palin MUST BE KILLED!”

Another emailed death threat in the same month, while Mrs Palin was on the campaign trail as John McCain’s vice-presidential running mate, came from Antwerp, Belgium.

It said Mrs Palin should be shot and that “only on that moment justice will be accomplished.”

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What has happened since Scott Brown and Sarah Palin seized the national stage from Wisconsin the thugs and klugs have been setting up fake data mining Internet fronts in order to impose themselves and then neutralize what is the massive and ever growing Tea Party Movement. The thing that really frustrates their mob mentality is there is no one to mock, the TPM is made up of people, many-many different types of people, and the union thugs and political klugs can’t insult everybody. In Wisconsin the best the Unionistas could produce was, with many bussed in from out of state, was +/- 100,000 peeps, that’s about one third of Oshgosh and when the thugs and klugs left the State Capitol a shambles none of the Kelly Steele and DNC types offered to help clean up the mess.