Donald Trump Is a Joke


Some bright, talented, and highly qualified Republicans are thinking about running for president. Haley Barbour of Mississippi, Mitch Daniels of Indiana, Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, and Mitt Romney of Massachusetts–all current or former governors–are eminently capable. Regardless of whether you like or agree with them, they are worthy of consideration for the Republican nomination.

How demoralizing it must be, then, for them to look at national polling that shows Donald Trump tied for first place for the GOP nomination. According to the new CNN/Opinion Research poll, the New York real estate, hotel, and casino magnate was tied with Huckabee at 17 percent. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin ran third with 12 percent; former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Romney were fourth with 11 percent each; followed by Rep. Ron Paul (7 percent); Rep. Michele Bachmann (5 percent); Daniels (3 percent); Pawlenty and former Sen. Rick Santorum (2 percent each); and Barbour (less than 1 percent). On a separate question, 56 percent said they would like to see Trump run, while 43 percent indicated that they wouldn’t want to see him enter the race.

“It’s downright embarrassing,” confessed one former Republican House member, when apprised of the results. Of course, Trump’s chances of winning the GOP nomination are exceedingly remote, to say the least, and his poll numbers are all about name recognition. Anyone assuming that the reality-show host’s interest in running for president is just another one of his publicity stunts would not likely be wrong. But what does it say about the Republican Party or, for that matter, the American people that this guy gets a second glance? Could a Jersey Shore personality be far behind? Legitimate Republican candidates have to wonder whether they’ll be sharing a stage in the early debates with characters straight out of the bar scene in Star Wars.

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Very good point! It is fair to say though that the current list of potential presidential candidates for the Republican party have waited a real long time to toss their hat into the ring during this cycle. Too long! Past presidential cycles have seen many qualified Candidates enter the race well before mid-April of the year prior to the election. Most political pundits of the right and the left credit this phenomenon of late entry into the race to “fear of loss” and “Obama is going to be real hard to beat” paranoia. This is utter nonsense and by delaying their entry into the race opens the door to individuals like Donald Trump.
In any campaign, political or military, delay, procrastination and inaction can lead to catastrophic failure!
Americans are hungry and are now demanding a credible political warrior to take on this unreconstructed Bolshevik, the destroyer in chief. Why do these legitimate creditable contenders delay? One can only win if he or she is ready to fight for the prize!
Btw, I am not fond of Mitt Romney for the nomination, however, he will make a great cabinet member for the incoming victor! He is needed on the team for sure.

plainjane, hi, yes, I think the DONALD is DONE, he just cook himself, for
the CONSERVATIVES and REPUBLICANS, there is a catch in his talk,
HE might want to win the black voters, by approving OBAMA ,
and bash BUSH,this is borrowing the propaganda of OBAMA’s first CAMPAIN.
OLD TROOPER 2, IS PROVEN RIGHT with those who where not sure, or sold to TRUMP,
HE will campain on the favor of the DEMOCRATS, by campaining under the GOP PARTY,
and use his STAR IMAGE to try to win the GOP NOMINATION. that’s what the link I just visit tell me,
and if I’m right, that is the dirty way to try on the presidency job
bye thank’s for the very important link that is uncovering his cover

IMHO, he’s a vote splitter, which would result in Obam’s re-election.

My reckonning is that take away the scores from several of the lesser players puts Sarah Palin at 36-40%, she is strategic watching closely the substantive trends like Wisconsin. That faceoff did more then dent Barry O’BabyCake’s armor, that showdown cracked it. Facade Number #1 is that he is liked; as in, open the door and drop in for a frosty liked which is a fallacy. Ask yourselves, in all honesty, would you allow such a mysterious cold enigma beyond the stoop where you live?

I found out that the poll that claimed Trump was a Republican front-runner was from a Democrat pollster and skewed as all get-out to obtain that result!
Look up Public Policy Polling for yourself.
Then read their odd questions for yourself.

John Tabin points out:

It’s well-established that poll results can be seriously skewed by question order and phrasing. The way this poll is written seems quite likely to prejudice respondents to think of Trump as a particularly interesting candidate.

The Huffpo has an article whose (misguided) title is:
Arizona Birther Bill Is Unconstitutional, Legal Scholars Say
Dated: 04-15-2011


However …. (sorry “Legal Scholars”) …
From Wikipedia:


The PFP’s first national convention to nominate candidates for President and Vice President was held in Ann Arbor, Michigan on August 17-August 18, 1968. Eldridge Cleaver was nominated for President over Richard C. “Dick” Gregory by a margin of 161.5 to 54. Cleaver, a convicted felon and Black Panther spokesman, was technically not eligible to run since he was only 34 years old at the time. Due to the needs of the state parties to collect signatures, the party fielded several different vice presidential nominees, including Chicago activist Peggy Terry, activist Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales, radical economist
Doug Dowd, and Judith Mage, who had been nominated at the national convention. Cleaver personally preferred Yippie leader Jerry Rubin. Gregory formed a competing Freedom and Peace party and ran separately. Two states (California and Utah) refused to list Cleaver on the ballot, although each state listed the Presidential Electors and candidates for Vice President (Terry in California and Gonzales in Utah).



It’s interesting to see how all of Obama’s minions are scattering and fluttering around like chickens with their heads cut off, worried about the effect of Arizona’s law. Why? Is it that Obama really doesn’t have a long-form birth certificate? I guess not. Because why else would Obama’s followers even worry? Obama has a birth certificate. Right? Or, NOT.

If Obama does not qualify by refusing to send his long-form birth certificate to Arizona, then what does that say to the American public about who he really is, or isn’t? There are at least 13 states also considering a law in their states similar to Arizona’s law (that is supportive of and upholds the Constitution of the United States); perhaps there will be at least 7 or more passed. Obama perhaps thinks he can do without those states; and with what people will think is the reason he does not send in his birth certificate.

Past rules no longer apply, diseminating platform strategies and staff development took years, as shown by the O’BasketCase, to develop but with new networking communications technologies the timing has dramatically changed. For example, 2008 election phone bank marketing promotion banks were already setup operational soliciting funds two years in advance; today, telephones are obsolete. My suspicions are that the Iowa Caucus, a fraud filled practice, no longer is relevant and to give so much weighted balance to the primary in New Hampshire is futile. To have a slew of party potentials running around Concord, Exeter, and North Overshoe New Hampshire is Keystone Kops comedy getting little more than a cast of screaming Katie Courics.