DNC Chief – ‘I Have No Plan To Save Medicare’


Or something like that:

Via Andrew Stiles, it’s an easy peasy three-step process. Step one: Shamelessly duck any questions about a Democratic reform plan by quickly changing the subject to how Paul Ryan wants to kill your grandma. As you’re about to see, Debbie’s got that one down pat. Step two: Ride the wave of Mediscaring to a new congressional majority next fall, hinting all the way that we can pay for the program unto infinity by hiking taxes on the inexhaustible rich and trimming Pentagon waste. Step three: Wait a few years for Medicare to go broke and then, when grandmas really can’t get treatment, blame Paul Ryan and the Republicans for not proposing a more attractive plan back when there was still time to do something before the crisis hit. It’s all the GOP’s fault. Right, Bill Clinton?

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