Disney Exposed: VP Caught Talking Discriminatory Hiring Practices


By Brandon Morse

Disney used to be the magic kingdom, but now it’s a DEI empire that’s continued to virtue signal just how woke it is, both through its execs and its continuously horrendous products.

However, the nature of DEI isn’t inclusion, it’s exclusion, and Disney has found itself on the business end of some lawsuits, including one from actress Gina Carano who was fired from Disney over what she and many see as disagreements with her politics and unwillingness to conform to Disney’s partisan culture.

The veil is being pulled back even further thanks to James O’Keefe and his squad of undercover journalists.

In his newest video, one of his journalists met with a Vice President of Business at Disney who claimed that its hiring practices are incredibly discriminatory, especially against white males. The man’s name is Michael Giordano, and while what he reveals is shocking, it’s probably not at all surprising given Disney’s reputation as being a politically radical company.

In the video, Giordano not only refuses to hire or promote white people, especially white males, but that it financially rewards executives for practicing DEI in the workplace. He also says that the company uses “code words and buzzwords” in order to avoid landing themselves in hot water, specifically discrimination lawsuits. However, Giordano believes that one of these lawsuits is inevitable.

These hiring practices come with goals. For instance, Giordano claims that Disney is attempting to hit a certain percentage of identities at various levels of the corporate ladder.

This lines up with claims made by a Disney whistleblower back in August 2023. Back then, a source told WDW Pro that DEI had completely infected the company to the point where they were punishing employees that weren’t woke yet rewarding the ones that were. This alleged practice effectively pushed out many employees that had diverse opinions, such as conservative-minded or moderately-minded people, until only the radically left remained:

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So just when are they going t o release Song of the South on DVD?

Why do you want them to?

Go jump inti the Briar Patch Bean Brain

Why do you want Disney to re-release that movie? Are you a fan of problematic representations of black people?

What is problematic about the representations of an elderly, wise and kind share cropper that relates african-american folktales?
Have you ever seen the movie?
Erasing history even in cinema prevents learning from it, but you are not into teaching or anything.

My oh my what a wonderful day.

Micheal better watch out for Brer Bear He’ll knock his head clean off

They are to busy murdering the Star Wars franchise, and grooming cute little girls into raging sluts.

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