Did The Obama Administration Just Commit A War Crime?


Many people are glad that Osama Bin Laden was shot last Sunday. Others think he’s still alive while others think he died years ago. But one idea that hasn’t been talked about much yet deserves an answer because of something President Obama did in January of 2009.

“With the stroke of his pen, he effectively declared an end to the ‘war on terror,’ as President George W. Bush had defined it, signaling to the world that the reach of the US government in battling its enemies will not be limitless,” it said.

“In a broad swipe at the Bush administration’s lawyers, Obama nullified every legal order and opinion on interrogations issued by any lawyer in the executive branch after September 11, 2001,” the Post added.

“It was a swift and sudden end to an era that was slowly drawing to a close anyway, as public sentiment grew against perceived abuses of government power.”

Think about it a second. Going into a sovereign nation with an military force and killing someone on their soil, without prior consent, is an act of war. That would be fine if we were in a declared war with Pakistan as an ally. But President Obama ended the war on terror in 2009. According to the president we’ve been engaged in “overseas contingency operations”. Not a war. Which means what the administration did on Sunday was an undeclared act of war.

While many people are happy that Osama Bin Laden is dead, several things need to be noted here. The United States is a nation which is supposed to operate under the rule of law. That is why the previous president, George W. Bush, made sure every action his administration took was covered legally. He made sure resolutions were passed by the UN allowing him to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. He got Congress to approve the invasion. He got Congress to fund Guantanamo Bay’s prison complex. Many people still accused him of acting unilaterally even though he had many nations as allies, more than President Obama in his Libya “non-war”. And unlike president Obama he got Congress to sign off on his actions. But President Obama acted entirely on his own here. He did not get anyone’s approval. Under the definitions of the left, he acted like a lawless “cowboy”. And he did so by his own foolish decision to end the war on terror two years ago.

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You’ve seen the chart I posted that shows how Obama has gone around the House, the Senate, the Courts when he wanted to do something they might have prevented.
Here it is again:

Democracy Denied: The Obama Chart

So, this ignoring of Constitutional process is not a new thing for Obama.
I think this article addresses issues that Holder tried to muffle by declaring the whole assassination ”legal.”
I’ve been quite worried Obama will throw the team of US Navy SEALs under his bus wheels to save himself.
I already heard Panetta claim that Obama did NOT make the call to kill Osama, that the SEAL team did that on its own!
Sort of hard to believe.

Seems a foundation is being laid to distance Obama from his own stupidity.
Too bad that stupidity clings to Obama like stepped-in dog poo.
Even if he gets rid of the visual proof, there’s still the stench.

PS: There was to have been a briefing about what we learned from Osama’s computers and so on.
It was suddenly cancelled just a few minutes ago.

US Drone Strike Kills 15 Militants, Says Pakistan


Pakistani intelligence officials say a U.S. missile attack close to the Afghan border has killed at least 15 people.

Friday’s drone attack was the first reported strike since Monday’s pre-dawn U.S. commando raid that killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

Authorities say the attack targeted a compound in North Waziristan, a stronghold of Taliban and al-Qaida militants on the border with Afghanistan.

U.S. drone strikes against militants based in Pakistan’s tribal belt have been a source of friction between the two countries and Friday’s strike could further inflame tensions between Islamabad and Washington.

Unpopular drones

U.S. drone strikes are extremely unpopular in Pakistan because of the perception of high civilian deaths from the missile attacks which are targeted militants along the Afghan border. Many Pakistani’s feel strongly they are a violation of the country’s sovereignty.

The Pakistani government said bin Laden’s death was a milestone in the fight against militancy although it expressed objections to the raid which killed him as a violation of its sovereignty.

OK. The Beat goes on. Collateral damage be damned. Death by Drone is impersonal.
Just keep sending the Aid Money…..Right? Mr Obama’s War is right on track.

Interesting photos