Destroying the Credibility of Science


Aside from the fact that these claims always begin with a dubious “scientific” study and then escalate as other “scientists” climb on the funding bandwagon, the other element is always the role that the mainstream media plays in keeping the fraud alive until the sheer weight of evidence makes it impossible to do so.

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Curt, this is a good article. One thing it missed it that many of the same people in the late 60s and 70s were screamin that the Earth was cooling. If a reasonable person uses the sense God gave them, remember their 9th grade science and looks at the evidence, they have to ask questions that the warmists can not answer. Unfortunately, few people have any science back ground any more and are susceptable to the fraud.

Read articles by Lord Monckton and Dr. Lynton from MIT. The stored heat is supposed to accumulate in the upper troposhere( about 6 miles up in the tropics) and can easily be measured by satellites. Readings were made and there was no increase in stored heat. The Earth gets warmth from the sun but most is reflected back to space. Lynton is world leader on these measurements and probably the world’s leading skeptic on Gorebull Worming. Watts Up with That is a great site for candid articles debunking the Gorericle.