DeSantis Gives Biden an Inflation Out: Campaign Thanks Him


Thread via @JackPosobiec

DeSantis gave Biden a free pass on inflation and blamed it on Trump

The Biden campaign is now thanking DeSantis for his comments and posting the clip everywhere

You’ll hear this from the White House every time the inflation question is ever asked again.

Just a straight-up scumbagging. This was planned, too.

Biden will play this over and over and over – it’s called a Scumbagging Op.

You mean like when DeSantis took tens of millions of those Covid funds and gave them to projects run by his donor Mori Hosseini?


The same Mori Hosseini who provides private jet service to the DeSantis family in exchange for business favors?


Mori repaid DeSantis for the Covid funds by getting him in good with the Ricketts money faucet. Everyone knows I’ve been calling out the Ricketts family for a long time over this:

Whenever you look up DeSantis’ actual statements from 2020 it is the exact opposite of what he is saying on the campaign trail today

Here is Gov DeSantis celebrating the CARES Act, which he supported, and Florida’s initial receipt of $4.1 billion from it. They got $8B total

Another 2020 tweet from Gov DeSantis celebrating the CARES Act

Again, if he wants to make all of 2020 an issue, that’s his decision, but why not tell the truth about his own record in 2020?

Not only did DeSantis celebrate the CARES Act, he took billions from Biden’s spending splurge

DeSantis ’22 campaign ran ads about bonuses to workers he funded with Biden’s dollars, and used it to hold a FL gas tax holiday the entire month before Election Day.

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