Dems Fret Over 2024 Chances As Pro-Palestinian Protests Break Out On College Campuses Across Country


by Mary Lou Masters

Democratic lawmakers are growing concerned over potential electoral repercussions that the recent anti-Israel protests on college campuses across the country could have on their 2024 chances, Axios reported.

Pro-Palestinian protests including encampments have broken out at Columbia University, Yale University, Emerson College and several others in recent weeks, where protesters have demanded their respective schools boycott, divest and sanction the U.S. ally over its war against Hamas. Images and videos of the demonstrations circulated among Democratic lawmakers ahead of their caucus meeting on Tuesday, according to Axios, with one member telling the outlet “many people are super frustrated and concerned.”

“The longer they continue, and the worse that they get, the worse it’s going to be for the election overall,” another House Democrat told Axios, adding that the protests are “bringing out [the public’s] most conservative side.”

Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Illinois told the outlet the war is “looming” over 2024, adding that “if there is some sort of [ceasefire] in Gaza right now, that would be very helpful.”

New Democrat Coalition Chair Annie Kuster of New Hampshire noted that some members “have been, kind of, holding back” from weighing in on the demonstrations.

“It’s complicated enough for us with the range of opinions and height of emotions we have, without weighing in on what [colleges] should be doing,” Kuster told the outlet.

Protesters took over Columbia’s Hamilton Hall early Tuesday morning, with one worker reportedly claiming to have been held hostage. The university threatened to expel the building’s occupiers, and New York Police Department officers began arresting the protesters Tuesday evening.

“It just has become this confrontation. And in certain states like Michigan, there are big Arab American populations, big Jewish populations, it’s roiling all kinds of groups,” Kuster told Axios.

Democratic Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, who holds one of the most vulnerable seats of the 2024 cycle, told the outlet at the Capitol that he’s “not going to talk about the politics of that. People always have the right to speak out and should.”

Brown’s campaign later provided another statement to the outlet regarding the protests, where the vulnerable senator argued that “there’s no place for antisemitism or hatred in our state or in our country.”

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Lots of Useful Idiots for Palestine

The students should be asked if they know of the genocide of Christians across the entire middle east.

Any Gazan who does not WANT to be a human shield for Hamas has a safe area already prepared by Israel inside Gaza where they can go before the Rafah is cleaned of Hamas.
Why any American chooses to be ignorant of that is willful.
Anti-Semites are behind these “protests.” there has been NO genocide of Gazansby Israelis.
Loads of Gazans have been kept as human shields by Hamas, however.
And there might be a few more American Saint Pancakes* killed by Hamas as PR inside some of these protests.

Rachel Corrie

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden wants to bring them here because other Arab countries are too smart to bring more terrorists into their countries.

Let’s take a honest look at Gaza and Gazans, shall we?

Gazans voted for Hamas and, by 85%, still support Hamas according to a Middle Eastern pollster. Gaza has not been “occupied” by Israel since 2005 when Israel forced all their people to leave Gaza. If you want to know how competent Hamas is, just research the green houses left by Israel.

These protests have been planned for a long time. The organizations planning it just needed a prime event to kick them off. Enter October 7, 2023. And while yes, Soros is funding a lot of the protests, just take a look at who else is spending their money and offering support:
Meet the American millionaire Marxists funding anti-Israel rallies (

If you don’t know his wife, Jodie Evans, perhaps you will recognize her partner, Madea Benjamin, both of Code Pink infamy. You know, the Communists who are constantly interrupting Congressional hearings showing their red painted hands, Comrade Greggie’s buddies.

And if you’re surprised at Columbia University, you’re flat out stupid. Take a look at who was teaching Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., and became Obama’s good friend, when he was at Columbia; Rashid Khalidi, the Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies at Columbia University. Edward Said was also a Columbia professor and one of the most virulent Jew haters to ever teach at any university.

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. hated Israel and his entire administration was spent trying to make Iran the super power of the Middle East. Demented Joe is just letting Obama sycophants that now share the White House with him finish what Obama started.

Now, you know where the money, and the hatred, stems from, here’s the organizer: Students for Justice In Palestine. Of course, there is no Palestine. Started in 2001 (yeah, that year) at UCLA,and backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, after 23 years of left wing and Middle East money, it is now in over 200 universities (it just got booted from UT Austin). And ask yourself, how much money are Middle Eastern nations have poured into US universities (Qutar – over $1 BILLION) and how many Middle Eastern students are enrolled in our universities?

Islam has infiltrated our universities, just as the Marxists did. 9/11 was just the beginning.
How many terrorists has President Screwtape allowed into our country in the last 3 1/2 years?

Everything, every step must be done carefully, make it illegal to criticize jews, or question 911, or mrna technology, no questioning science. Beware the ADL as much as CAIR.

“The longer they continue, and the worse that they get, the worse it’s going to be for the election overall,” another House Democrat told Axios, adding that the protests are “bringing out [the public’s] most conservative side.”

Ha, ha. That’s funny. Democrats consider a desire for peace, law and order as “conservative”. What is absolutely irrefutable is that this mess is all of Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s making. He reversed Trump’s harsh sanctions on Iran, which kept them from financing international terrorism. He couldn’t start kissing their asses fast enough and opening all their revenue streams, in addition to gifting them billions of dollars. The results were widely and accurately predicted. Even in the midst of this war, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is still feeding Iran cash.

It should cost them the election because this is their level of competence in governance. They are stupid, incompetent and destructive.

stupid, incompetent and destructive.
When you see it is intentional, it become so much clearer. They are not incompetent, not stupid, destructive yes. They have an agenda, these are all carefully planned steps. They already know herd reaction, they have studied it for decades. Experts in mind control and disinformation(see the projection?) using fear and anger even empathy to create maximum effect.
These protests are cover as we have mostly lost interest in the Trump drama. Keep your head on a swivel all world and national news, what are they really trying to slip in as we are distracted?