Democrats just don’t understand the new populism


The Obama campaign and other liberals are looking to tap into the populist current of today’s politics and turn the Wisconsin union fight into a national issue in the 2012 election. While the liberals can wield rhetorical pitchforks and light political torches, they should realize that it’s their guys who are living inside the castle today. Specifically, public-sector unions — by many measures the most entrenched special interest in American politics — are not fighting against The Man, which is to say the entrenched powers of government. In this struggle, The Man is the government unions, which are sitting in the smoky back room divvying up the spoils of a crooked racket. And cronyism — not wealth — is the object of today’s populist ire.

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Not only are Unions Corrupt – They are Corrupt! The NEA for YEARS have used the RHETORIC “The Children” – “The Children” Is all bunch of “Emotional Manipulation” to get MONEY. So, not only are they “using” the Children for Years to get what they want – when the Protesting started in Wisconsin they ONCE AGAIN “Used” the Children as POLITICAL PAWNS for the Union Cause. I don’t listen to it anymore it’s all a bunch of BS.

Every Protester interviewed says “its not about the Money” well, ya, IT IS ABOUT THE MONEY! The more they say ‘it’s not about the money’ the more people should be convinced it is IS ABOUT THE MONEY. Wisconsin Teachers $78,000 including ‘perks’ for 180 days work…we should all get that deal!

What does people of a state not understand when their STATE says
‘We Are Broke”??

Funny how the MSM has not even COVERED the VIOLENCE by the Protesters. No one was arrested, but, there is plenty of video of Aggression and hostility toward opposition …they have UNION leaders saying “sometimes you have to spill some blood”… they have UNION leaders saying ‘we don’t care about children’ – “just the power” we have…. No wonder Americans are fed up…

Could anyone IMAGINE a Tea Party protest and someone saying that? The Liberals have time and time again shown their TRUE COLORS. They are HYPOCRITES! and they are FRAUDS! “THEY” are the AGGRESSORS!