Democrats Get Reminded That Before George Santos, There Was Joe Biden


by Stacey Matthews

“I’ve done some dumb things, and I’ll do dumb things again. I’ve done some dumb things as senator, and I’ve done some dumb things as a lawyer. Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been dumb,” then-Sen. Joe Biden said during his failed 1988 presidential campaign over allegations he was a serial plagiarist.
Tuesday night on Tucker Carlson’s program, former Democratic Congresswoman and 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard grilled Rep.-elect George Santos (R-N.Y.) over what he admitted were lies he told on the campaign trail about who he is and his educational and family background.
In my opinion, Santos did not come off smelling like a rose during their lengthy exchange, but here’s the video so readers can decide for themselves what to think:

Over the last week or so, as questions continued to swirl about Santos following a New York Times exposé that raised questions as to the truthfulness of some of Santos’ statements – including his claim that he is Jewish, some on the left suggested or insinuated that politically speaking there was no precedent for the level of deception a candidate has engaged in as Santos did.
For instance, Politico deputy managing editor Sam Stein asked if there had ever been a situation on par with Santos’ made-up history.
“Has Congress ever had someone with so many remarkable biographical holes?” he wondered:

The answer is yes – and that “someone” is named Joe Biden.
Take, for instance, the repeated lies he told about his and his family’s history while on the campaign trail during his failed 1988 presidential run. Not only was he untruthful about his life story, but he also was caught numerous times lifting passages from the speeches of other prominent politicos, including Robert Kennedy and JFK, without attribution:

Biden’s excuses for what he’d said at the time were to blame his staff and to suggest there was nothing deliberately underhanded about what had happened:

Biden blamed his aides for putting that pilfered prose in his mouth.
“I write my own speeches,” he claimed. “This speech I did not write. I honestly thought the paragraph was a piece of brilliant work by my staff.”
Biden’s bottom line — I’m not dishonest, I’m stupid:
“I’ve done some dumb things, and I’ll do dumb things again. I’ve done some dumb things as senator, and I’ve done some dumb things as a lawyer,” he confessed. “Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been dumb.”

As it turned out, the tall tales he made up during that run for president were only the beginning, as Grabien’s Tom Elliott and others explained in response:

Laughably but not surprisingly, MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes boiled Biden’s 50 years of lying down to “‘normal’ politican bs-ing,” and suggested the real scandal would have been if Biden’s law degree hadn’t been real:

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Maybe George Santos would be a good choice for Speaker of the House.
He’d be the perfect foil for balancing the media because when they call him names, they’d be calling joe all those same names.

Every time joe made a run it was lackluster at best.

1988 presidential campaign 

Biden’s first run for the presidency began in June 1987. The longtime senator from Delaware was considered a strong candidate until his campaign became mired in controversy. He dropped out after only three months in the running.

Speech plagiarism accusations 

During an event at the Iowa State Fair, Biden lifted entire portions of a speech that he gave from a British politician–Neil Kinnock–who challenged Margaret Thatcher.

The New York Times uncovered the fiasco. Biden “lifted Mr. Kinnock’s closing speech with phrases, gestures and lyrical Welsh syntax intact for his own closing speech at a debate at the Iowa State Fair on Aug. 23 – without crediting Mr. Kinnock,” according to the Times.

In Kinnock’s address, he began by saying he was the first “in a thousand generations” from his family to go to college, before gesturing to his wife and saying the same about her. Biden opened exactly the same way, before later admitting he had family members who had attended college before him.

Biden’s staffers were defensive against allegations of plagiarism, but the candidate dropped out by the end of that month.

Law school plagiarism accusations 

Also in September 1987, Biden acknowledged plagiarizing a law review journal for a paper during law school at Syracuse. He asked school administrators not to be expelled, saying he made a mistake in the citation process.

“My intent was not to deceive anyone,” Biden wrote at the time. ”For if it were, I would not have been so blatant,” according to the Times.

To assert his sincerity, Biden released a 65-page file containing records of his years at Syracuse. It contained records of relatively poor grades, mixed evaluations from teachers and details of the plagiarism.

A law school faculty report from 1965 concluded Biden had “used five pages from a published law review article without quotation or attribution” for a 15-page paper.

Accusations of lying about law school grades

In a C-SPAN video from the same month in 1987, Biden can be heard touting his academic credentials, saying he graduated in the top half of his class.

Biden, who graduated 76th in a class of 85, later apologized and acknowledged: “I did not graduate in the top half of my class at law school and my recollection of this was inaccurate.”

2008 presidential campaign 

Biden officially entered the race in January 2007, against a large crowd of contenders including Obama and then-Sen. Hillary Clinton. He ultimately dropped out of the race a year later, in January 2008, after coming in fifth place and capturing less than 1 percent of the vote in the Iowa caucus. In August of that year, Biden was selected to be Obama’s vice presidential running mate.

His platform:

A key component of Biden’s run that year was his plan for the Iraq War. He attacked early

frontrunner Clinton’s plan in Iraq, calling it a “disaster” and “counterproductive” to cut off funding to local Iraqi forces.

He also opposed President George W. Bush’s plan to send more troops to Iraq, saying “there is no military solution” in the country.

Biden had little name recognition at the time, and it was speculated that he would be offered the job of secretary of state instead. But he knocked down that speculation: “Under no administration will I accept the job of secretary of State.”

The controversy:

Biden drew controversy when in February 2007 he called Obama “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” He later apologized, but the remark was not forgotten.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes blasted for shrugging off Biden’s lies while ripping Santos

Washington Times ^

 | Dec 28 | By Valerie Richardson

President Biden’s fibs aren’t as bad as those of Rep.-elect George Santos, as far as MSNBC host Chris Hayes is concerned.

The left-wing anchor was accused of blatant political bias after he pushed back on the inevitable comparisons being drawn between Mr. Biden and Mr. Santos, the New York Republican who has admitted to lying repeatedly about his biography.

“I think there’s a line between ‘normal’ [politician] bs-ing and conman serial lying, and he‘s [Santos] got infractions on either side of that line. I mean it would have been a pretty big deal if it turned out Joe Biden didn’t actually have a law degree!” said Mr. Hayes in a Tuesday tweet.

He was deluged by comments on social media charging him with covering for Mr. Biden, including “And for you that line is party affiliation” and “At least be honest, if you can, and say ‘It’s okay when the Democrats do it.’”

Mark R. Levin, host of Fox News Channel’s “Life, Liberty & Levin,” said in a Wednesday tweet: “Chris Hayes, Biden mouthpiece.”

Mr. Santos apologized Monday for inflating his credentials about his finance career and lying about earning degrees from Baruch College and New York University, but said he still plans to serve in Congress after winning his seat in the midterms.

Mr. Biden didn’t lie about attending law school, but the Democratic president is infamous for his biographical exaggerations and outright fabrications.

He falsely claimed that he graduated in the top half of his class (he finished 76th out of 85), that he earned three undergraduate degrees (he earned one degree with a double major) and that he received a “full academic scholarship” to law school (Newsweek reported that it was a partial scholarship based on financial need)….

(Excerpt) Read more at …

“I’ve done some dumb things, and I’ll do dumb things again. I’ve done some dumb things as senator, and I’ve done some dumb things as a lawyer,” he confessed. “Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been dumb.”

And, as fake President, he keeps that streak alive, doing one dumb thing (if intended to help the United States and US citizens) after another. Nothing BUT dumb things. And, man, can he lie.

Idiot Biden is a lie factory. The value of lies has plummeted since he began telling them because he has flooded the market. The only thing lacking in an idiot Biden statement (other than the truth) is ending it with “yeah… THAT’s the ticket!” like Tommy Flanagan. The one and only benefit of all his lying is that it exposes the true value the left puts on telling the truth. Like every single one of their other “principles”, it is nothing more than something to weaponize against an opponent.

I would be very disappointed and pissed if someone I voted for turned out to be a liar but I find it difficult to hold Santos to a standard the left will not hold their own to. Every prominent Democrat is a far larger liar than Santos; when they clean up their own act, others would be forced to do the same.

01/24/23 – Rep. George Santos now says campaign loan didn’t come from his personal funds

Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., made a significant revision to his 2022 campaign filings Tuesday by specifying that a $500,000 loan he made to the campaign didn’t come from his personal funds.

The initial filing from September included a checked box saying the hefty loan came from the “personal funds of the candidate.” In the new filing, which was first reported by the Daily Beast, that box is unchecked.

The amended filing, however, doesn’t provide any new information about the source of the funds — it only says the loan came from the candidate but wasn’t Santos’ personal money…

Half-a-million that didn’t belong to Santos came from Santos… Who would ever question an explanation like that?

We’ve got a drag queen in the House of Representative who isn’t what he says he is, occupying a seat purchased for him by God knows who, and a GOP Speaker who has rewarded him with committee appointments.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Thank goodness they are low level committees, this scum might yet get bagged for something, but he isnt the corruption that is Biden or Pelosi, almost as bold a liar as Schiff.

Indeed, Democrats have, sadly, lowered the bar of respectability considerably. It will be up to them to clean up their own dumpster fire before the damage can be repaired overall.

Again, clean up your own degenerate party first, THEN assail someone else for “lying”. That way you won’t continue to look like a hypocritical moron.

We’ve got a drag queen in the House of Representative who isn’t what he says he is

Hey, genius… NO drag queen “is what he says he is”. Duh.

01/26/23 – George Santos Fraudulent Signature Could Be Final Nail in Coffin

George Santos has been accused of listing a man as his campaign financier against his wishes and using his signature without consent, in the latest controversy to hit the New York House Republican.

On Tuesday Santos filed an updated campaign finance report with the Federal Election Commission, in which Thomas Datwyler, an experienced campaign financial consultant, was listed as his new treasurer, with the filing signed with his name.

However, speaking to ABC News Datwyler’s attorney, Derek Ross, said Santos had been informed Datwyler wouldn’t be taking the position on Monday.

Ross said: “On Monday, we informed the Santos campaign that Mr. Datwyler would not be serving as treasurer…

Biden to Families Struggling to Put Food on the Table: Buy a New Energy-Efficient Refrigerator (VIDEO)

01/26/23 – The GOP’s 30 Percent Sales Tax Plan Is Tearing the Republican Party Apart

Republicans in the House of Representatives appear divided over a proposed national sales tax that would replace income taxes, with Democrats using the issue to attack the GOP.

The Fair Tax Act introduced by Representative Earl “Buddy” Carter would abolish income, payroll, estate and gift taxes and propose a 23 percent national sales tax, but the effective rate would be 30 percent, according to the non-partisan Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) think tank.

“Under the bill, if you buy something that costs $100 before tax, you pay $30 of national sales tax. Most of us would call that a 30 percent sales tax,” ITEP said on its website.

“Proponents, however, call it a 23 percent tax, because that $30 is 23 percent of your ‘gross payment’ of $130, your payment including the sales tax. Proponents claim this method of calculation is more comparable to how we think about the income tax but its main result is widespread confusion,” ITEP’s article said.

That 30 percent figure has now become the main focus of criticism and Democrats have taken aim at the proposal, with Democratic Senator Jon Tester pledging on Wednesday to defeat the “awful” plan.

Conservative anti-tax campaigner Grover Norquist described the idea as “a political gift to Biden and the Democrats.”

The bill would also abolish the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) after the fiscal year 2027 and Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has previously promised to allow the bill to come to the floor for a vote, according to a report from the National Review on January 10.

However, Axiosreported on Wednesday that top Republicans said McCarthy only guaranteed to go to committee, and not necessarily a vote on the floor.

“Any legislative proposal by any member would have to go through committee in regular order, have hearings, be marked up and be subject to amendment,” Representative French Hill, one of McCarthy’s negotiators, told Axios

DeSantis endorses Harmeet Dhillon for RNC Chair…

It’s a proposal; an idea (and a good one). What do the Democrats propose? HIGHER and HIGHER TAXES. Always HIGHER TAXES.

EPIC FAIL: Biden Judicial Nominee Can’t Answer Basic Questions on the Constitution (Video)

01/25/23 – Republicans’ plans to slash Social Security and Medicare are becoming clearer: ‘We have no choice but to make hard decisions’

After being evasive about their plans for entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare in the months leading up to midterms, the House GOP has begun to confirm its intention to cut spending on both. 

That’s according to The Washington Post‘s Tony Romm, who reported that Republican lawmakers are willing to use the debt ceiling as a bargaining chip in order to get the Biden administration to cave on spending cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Failing to raise the debt ceiling by the summer could cause the US to default on its debt for the first time in history, the consequences of which would be dire.

“We have no choice but to make hard decisions,” Rep. Kevin Hern of Oklahoma, leader of the conservative Republican Study Committee, told The Post. “Everybody has to look at everything.”

The Post reported that in the past few days, a group of Republican lawmakers have pushed for House panels that would recommend changes to Social Security and Medicare. 

Democrats control the Senate, and Republicans only have a slight majority in the House. But it’s enough of a majority to give them power over the debt ceiling, a law restricting the amount of money the government can borrow to pay its bills. 

And that’s on top of the leverage that the most conservative members of the party have on the recently elected Speaker of the House, Rep. Kevin McCarthy. Conservative holdouts kept the vote for Speaker going a historically long time, and reports suggest that the concessions McCarthy made included promoting cuts to entitlement programs… 

How about raising taxes on the nation’s billionaires and multi-millionaires, back to the rates of the Reagan era? That would be a hard decision that the vast majority of working and middle class Americans would approve of.

There are no plans to slash social security or Medicare fuckhead.

Fear porn.

They’re keeping you distracted with tabloid bullshit. Were you even aware of the proposal to impose a 30% national sales tax and abolish the IRS? It’s a real proposal. As usual, the wealthiest would be made even wealthier, and everyone else would pay more.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Matt Gaetz Introduces the “PENCIL” Resolution – Barring Democrat Adam Schiff Accessing Classified Info and Launching House Ethics Investigation on His Serial Lying

Matt Gaetz is guilty of statutory rape.

Really? Where are the indictments? Where are the charges? Where is the conviction?

How about REAL rape? Why don’t you talk to Tara Reade and get back to us.

Idiot everyone would pay more its a sales tax no buy no pay, food is exempt. Those getting a new car every year pay the tax, its almost equal to the wage tax now. You seriously sound vaxxed it costs big bucks to run the IRS and most of their computers need upgrading, they havent processed all the forms from last April.
The IRS kicked off the 2022 tax filing season with a backlog of unprocessed and amended tax returns it received in 2021.
Imagine a system where Sales tax goes directly to the Treasury, and all the businesses dont have to process all the paperwork dealing with federal wage taxation. States are doing it and coming out way ahead, Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

You’re quick to call anyone an idiot who observes that you’re being led down the garden path.

The scheme would abolish all income, payroll, estate and gift taxes, creating a permanent hereditary ruling aristocracy.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Your quick not to look at the obvious and make idiot statements.
No tax loopholes for the rich.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

They’re keeping you distracted with tabloid bullshit. 

You think idiot Biden stealing top secret documents and making them available to his crack-head son and the CCP is “tabloid bullshit”? I see you take national security as “seriously” as idiot Biden.

Republicans do NOT plan to cut Social Security. Democrats, on the other hand, are working to completely destroy it.

How would you know that, since you reject all news sources that don’t tell you what you want to hear?

Because I pay attention to sources that deal in facts and truth, not leftist propaganda.

TGP’s Jim Hoft and Cara Castronuova Join The War Room Along with Julie Kelly on EXPLOSIVE ROSANNE BOYLAND REPORT – VIDEOS

Well, hell, he wasn’t going to just sit around and let the Biden Crime Family make all the influence peddling money!

Now this is funny!
EXCLUSIVE: Matt Gaetz To Introduce ‘PENCIL Act,’ Blocking Adam Schiff From Reviewing Classified Information.
The Daily Caller first obtained the legislation, which is titled the PENCIL Act after former President Donald Trump’s nickname of Schiff, “Pencil-Neck.” PENCIL stands for “Preventing Extreme Negligence with Classified Information Licenses” Resolution.

Maybe Schiff will have more time to really get those nude photos of Trump he was salivating over.

 Biden Hammers Republicans on the Economy, With Eye on 2024

That’s almost funny, considering idiot Biden took a health, strong, booming Republican economy and completely destroyed it.

The US GDP grew at a rate of 2.9% during the 4th quarter of 2022. The most serious danger to the US economy is the idiots you elected to the House, who could blow everything to hell with a debt default, for no damn reason at all.

The morons whine about the deficit, but they want even more tax cuts.

They whine about inflation, but they want lower interest rates.

They whine about government intrusion, but they want the state to mandate that every pregnancy results in a birth.

They yammer mindlessly about America being a police state, but support a bastard like Vladimir Putin.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

The US GDP grew at a rate of 2.9% during the 4th quarter of 2022.

Did it? Or will this be “adjusted” downward later when no one is watching, like idiot Biden and Obama always do with “good” numbers?

If they don’t want to default on the debt, those Democrats better get to compromising with Republicans to get spending under control after Democrats added almost $6 trillion to the debt since fraud saddled us with idiot Biden. Democrats destroy economies, Republicans rebuild them, just like Trump did after Obama cratered it.

What, exactly, have republicans presented to be compromised with? NOTHING.

GOP = Democrat.

People aren’t buying the false dichotomy, any longer. The GOP is just controlled opposition.

It’s we Americans verses you and people like you.

And what Democrat has agreed to have a discussion with Republicans? NONE. They merely say NO COMPROMISE, so it will be THEM that causes the damage, not Republicans.

Democrats are totally fiscally irresponsible and quite possibly ignorant. They cause the economic damage.

Bidenomics: GDP Report Reveals Second Worst Drop in Real Disposable Income EVER Since 1932

I have to wonder, when you readily accept such gigantic liars as idiot Biden, whore Harris, rapist Clinton, criminal Clinton, valor thief Blumenthal, spy-banger Swalwell, Spartacus Booker, “boy can I pick those stocks, or WHAT” Pelosi, “gee, that border sure is secure” Mayorkas, evidence-hoarder Schiff… hell ANY of your long, long list of Democrat liars, why Santos is such a preoccupation thorn in your side? I mean, Democrats tell lies that get people killed, destroy their life savings, cause cities to be burned and businesses looted; why don’t you address THOSE lies? Does Santos’ ONE VOTE in the House frighten you that much, you crybaby?

You wonder about all the wrong things. That’s how they control you.

You wonder about all the wrong things.

So, you think obsessing over a minor, freshman Representative is more important than lies that affect our national security, our economy, our LIVES? By every indication, it is YOU, scooter, that obsesses over the totally wrong things.

“greg” is, in most of it’s posts, an A.I. “ChatGPT.”

It’s here to spread their lies.