Democrats Can Get Away With Anything


Back in 2005 Clair McCaskill had a great campaign taunt for her opponent: he used state planes and state funds for
the political use of airplanes all on the taxpayer’s dime. That was bad, she told Missouri’s voters. Now McCakill is the Senator from the Show Me State and guess what? She’s been caught using taxpayer money to fund her own personal flights about the county.

Check out her 2006 political ad:


Notice her money quote: “And we have paid every dime of our taxes.”

It gets worse. McCaskill has had to admit that she never paid nearly $300,000 in taxes

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This is just the same old new. Are you really surprised?

Thanks to the hypocritical Liberals/Democrats/Progressives/Radicals, this country has become the Train Wreck it is. Liberalism/Democrats/Progressives/Radicals – Social Justice (as opposed to Equal Justice under our Laws) has created this Mess. “These” people are really scary mentally, they have so many ‘character defects’ it’s a wonder our Great Nation is in such a wreck.