Democraticide – The Squad is the face of a party too diverse to survive


by Don Surber

Democrats are losing the Gaza War because of four women: Larry Omar, Moe Tlaib, Curly AOC and Shemp Pressley. They are the biggest anti-Semite recruiters in the Democrat Party since Nathan Bedford Forrest formed the KKK.

It would be childish and demeaning to call them the Squaws, so I will follow the crowd for once and call them the Squad. They rolled into Congress after the 2018 election and played identity politics to the hilt. One was black, one was Hispanic, one was Palestinian and one was married to her brother. The New York Times celebrated this as the future of the Democrat Party.

So did I, man. So did I.

On August 8, 2019, NYT ran a piece by Barbara Ransby under the title, “The Squad Is the Future of Politics. You can credit social movements for that.”

Oh I do credit the social movements for that. Yes indeed, I do.

NYT said Babs

“is a historian who specializes in black politics and social movements and she has written a book on the Black Lives Matter movement.”

She wrote,

“Over the past nine months, the squad’s members have made good on their promises to be agents of change, not just fresh faces. Radical inclusivity means that people from different communities, backgrounds and ideological traditions will do their jobs differently and will bring new sensibilities, commitments and understanding with them when they sit at the tables of power. If they are doing their jobs, they will be accountable to people who sent them there, not maintaining the status quo. Anything less is merely cosmetic.

“One outcome of exclusion and white privilege is that people of color don’t see ourselves reflected in positions of power often enough. That is the least of it. A more consequential outcome is that our communities are underserved, our children racially profiled by the police, unfairly pushed out of schools or locked up in disproportionate numbers.”

So while Babs praises them as “people from different communities, backgrounds and ideological traditions,” Babs still lumps them together as colored people. Oh, excuse me as “people of color.”

The problem with claiming people of color are a minority is that they are 90% of the world’s population. Their interests are not all the same and often are in conflict with each other, hence we have wars. Consider Muslims. There are the Sunnis and the Shi’a and the twain seldom meet.

Consider Hispanics in America. They have 22 different ancestries and the descendants of Mexicans in California are different from their counterparts in Texas. Getting agreement among these groups is difficult.

Black people in America are less diverse than even white people. I find that amusing.

Asians are the most diverse. They include many Russians, all of China, all of India, all of Southeast Asia and Malaysia and the Philippines. They all have different languages, different cultures, different religions and a bunch of different alphabets.

But the Democrat Party is the credentialed party run by people with Ivy League degrees. Democrats believe they can knit their coalition together simply by blaming white people for all the problems of the world.

Car out of gas? Blame whites because they invented cars.

Cellphone won’t work? Blame whites because they invented telephones.

Toilet clogged? Blame whites because they invented indoor plumbing.

Having a common enemy keeps a coalition together, but it has its limitations because it cannot make people work against their own self-interests.

An open borders policy — meant to appease Hispanics — is OK in the abstract, but now illegal aliens are disrupting urban life.

CBS in Chicago reported,

“A new shelter for migrants could open in Galewood on the northwest side very soon, but the city is not sure of the exact date.

“The city announced plans earlier this week to turn the facilities at Amundsen Park into temporary housing for asylum seekers.

“During a community meeting on Tuesday, neighbors expressed frustration over the plan, upset that the facilities will no longer host senior events and after-school activities.”

The key quote came from resident Brooksy Cribs:

“The thing that we’re most concerned about is our children, our black children, the football, the soccer, and all the things that they do, and trying to be constructive citizens. And now they’re going to take this part beautiful part and give it to migrants. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the situation, but that’s not on us.”

Cribs is absolutely correct. If you don’t look out for yourself and your family, who will?

I could see that one coming a decade away. What surprised me was the reaction to the Palestinian sneak attack on October 7. The carnage and horror were so great that Democrats no longer were willing to accept casual anti-Semitism and tolerance of the intolerable by Muslims.

The Squad’s kneejerk reaction was to ignore the evil and pounce when Israel reacted. That has been the pattern for Democrats for almost 50 years now.

Seth Mandel wrote,

“No one in Congress works harder to drum up Jew-baiting at home and abroad than AOC, yet her Democratic colleague Ilhan Omar gets all the credit. It’s unjust! Sure, Omar has specifically said that Jewish money buys members of Congress and that American Jews are disloyal citizens. But Ocasio-Cortez responded as any true competitor would and got creative. After all, no one else in Congress had thought to suggest U.S. testing of chemical weapons in Puerto Rico was practice for Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. That was impressive one-ups-persons-ship! She’s the Dennis Miller of Father Tom Coughlins.”

I believe he used that sarcasm stuff that I have been hearing about.

But the Squad misread the party’s rank-and-file because the Democrat base still includes decent Americans. The Democrat Party now pays the price for trading morality for power.

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Cribs is absolutely correct. If you don’t look out for yourself and your family, who will?

But they keep voting for the same people and policies that bring this upon them. Just like the lawfare being used against Republicans, they all loved it as long as it was directed away from them, they never gave taxpayers having to support illegal immigrants by the millions a second thought… until they showed up in their neighborhoods.

Most rational people have been warning that these Squad fascists needed to be reined in. So, like brother-marrying, income tax cheating, campaign finance violating anti-Semite Omar, simply needed to be kicked out. But, because they deployed all the check box shields, that was verboten. Hell, they can’t even sanction Tlaib for her anti-Semitic lies that helped incite actual violence.

Why didn’t AOC have a photo of her outside a burned up hospital parking lot staged? Is she losing her touch?

If it weren’t for the fact that, to dems, the issue is NEVER the issue, the real issue is the REVOLUTION, I might be tempted to pop some corn, too.
But all of this is merely diversion.
The leftist fight is continuing on all fronts where it is possible to make even a bit of headway.
Some, complete loser issues are placed TEMPORARILY on a back burner.
But they never go away, they will all be back.
Seems too many conservatives are one or two issue folks.
They will be steamrolled by the left, eventually if they don’t learn how to “walk and chew gum” at the same time.