Dem: “a powerful country needs to step in against tyrants”


My oh my how they change their tunes when the shoe is on the other foot:

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

REP. ANTHONY WEINER (D-NY): “He struck a right line. He defined a goal, defined how we’re going to do it. Let me say one other thing. We’re a great, powerful country. What’s the value of being a great, powerful country if we’re not going to step in against tyrants that are slaughtering their point and that’s the point the President made tonight.”

If that’s the standard, then the Democrat objections to the war in Iraq were nonsense then right? After all, we all can agree that Hussein was a tyrant and was slaughtering/oppressing his own people.

And if that’s the standard, when are we invading North Korea and Darfur?

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He defined a goal

He sure did.

“Days, not weeks.”