Defund Jack Smith. Then Investigate Him


by Julie Kelly

Special Counsel Jack Smith was supposed to be basking in glory right now.

In his ideal world, Smith would be hot off a quick conviction of Donald Trump in Washington, D.C. for the former president’s alleged role in the events of January 6 and attempts to “overturn” the 2020 election. The special counsel then would have immediately moved his victorious prosecutors to Palm Beach for the summer to prepare for Trump’s second federal trial related to allegedly stealing national defense information and impeding the Department of Justice’s investigation.

That, at least, was the plan.

Instead, Smith is ingloriously hiding from public view as he awaits a key decision by the U.S. Supreme Court on the question of presidential immunity, which will determine whether his Jan 6 case can get to trial in the nation’s capital before Election Day.

But even worse for Smith is his imploding espionage and obstruction case in southern Florida. An increasingly toxic relationship with U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon, accusations of grand jury and prosecutorial abuse, and the government’s recent revelations that investigators mishandled and possibly misplaced key evidence threatens to launch Smith into the Fani Willis/Alvin Bragg category —a corrupt, egotistical clown with crashing public credibility and waning support from some of his most loyal toadies.

Smith’s already shaky reputation isn’t the only thing in jeopardy. As I explained here, Judge Cannon has set a mini trial of sorts over the next several weeks that puts Smith, in essence, on the defendant’s side of the courtroom for once; even the leftwing blog Lawfare recently acknowledged as much. “Trump will try to turn the tables, putting prosecutors on trial,” Lawfare’s senior editor Roger Parloff posted last week. “Almost all of Trump’s motions (& defenses) reduce to campaign themes: Prosecutorial misconduct and selective & vindictive prosecution orchestrated by Biden.”

Despite the dishonest spin—after all, Joe Biden’s DOJ not Donald Trump handed down three federal criminal indictments against the presumptive GOP presidential nominee right before an election year—Parloff is correct in concluding Cannon’s aggressive hearing schedule poses a grave danger not just to Smith’s case but the Biden White House, National Archives, and top DOJ officials accused of conspiring behind the scenes to manufacture a documents-related crime against Trump as early as spring 2021.

At the same time, Republicans in Congress are turning up the heat on the special counsel. During a House Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday morning before a vote to impeach Attorney General Merrick Garland, Chairman James Jordan (R-Ohio) noted the irony of Smith’s recent disclosure that investigators botched evidence collected during the August 2022 raid of Trump’s estate. “Jack Smith mishandled documents while he’s charging President Trump with mishandling documents. You can’t make this stuff up.”

Jordan also sent a letter to the DOJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility seeking an inquiry into Smith’s disclosure that papers are not in the same order as they were following the raid; he also acknowledged that some of the alleged classified documents do not match “placeholder” sheets used by agents—an explosive revelation that could undermine the entire case.

Jordan wants answers. “The organization, maintenance, and storage of the documents seized by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago are likely to be important aspects of the Special Counsel’s unprecedented prosecution and President Trump’s defense of the pending charges,” Jordan wrote on May 6. “To that end, legal experts believe that Special Counsel Smith’s filing ‘essentially is an admission of witness tampering.’”

Jordan also asked OPR to look into accusations that Jay Bratt, Smith’s lead prosecutor on the classified documents case, threatened to torpedo one defense attorney’s judicial aspirations if he didn’t get his client to cooperate. Stanley Woodward, who represents Waltine Nauta, Trump’s longtime personal aide and codefendant, has accused Bratt of making “inappropriate” remarks during a 2022 meeting. Noting Woodward’s pending application at the D.C. Superior Court, Bratt, according to a court filing by Woodward, warned, “I wouldn’t want you to do anything to mess that up.”

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I guess Trump is expected to just lay down and let this lawfare steamroller run right over him. He’s not allowed to defend himself and contest every single illegal and illicit avenue the left takes a run at him on. I guess Trump f**ked their little plan all up. Waaa.

Yeah, they need to investigate this piece of shit and they need to find out how far up the regime chain of command the coordination of these lawfare attacks go. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden has already confirmed his involvement by complaining that Herr Obergruppenfuhrer Garland isn’t moving fast enough to get Trump out of the campaign.

Then they should all go to goddamn jail.

Just who is pulling his strings?

Herr Obergruppenfuhrer Garland, whose strings are pulled by Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, whose strings are pulled by Obama, whose strings are pulled by Soros, whose strings are pulled by Beelzebub.

Uniparty elites just cannot afford an outsider, like Trump, to take the presidency (again.)
There are trillions at stake.
That’s worth lying for, it’s worth throwing a few underlings under buses for.
Heck, it’s even worth killing for.

The entire lawfare fiasco is coordinated by the DOJ. The deputy AG, Lisa Monaco, an obama lackey is in charge. garland is too much of a pussy to be the railhead of the criminal conspiracy.
smith is a disgrace individual with a past that is despicable to say the least. He was selected because he lack the integrity required to be in the position he is unconstitutionally in at present.

Is Extortionist Jack Smith Being Extorted to Pursue Trump? – Deep Capture

If we are to return to a place in this country where institutions of government are not infected with neo-marxist ideologies, all of the bad actors from the top and down to the lowest peon, must be prosecuted for their involvement and criminal actions. The government presently and for the past several decades is and has been the enemy of the American People. Much work lie ahead in recouping the American Republic. The most recent three+ years has been an exercise in exposure and the picture is not pretty. Trump will only be the beginning, many will need to follow and continue the reformation.

Absolutely. It has nothing to do with vengeance. It has to do with sending the message that the era of lawless politically infected government agencies is over and there is a high price to pay for insurrection, attempted coups and all anti-government, anti-PEOPLE agendas. It won’t stop until there IS a price to pay. Currently, the traitors get off with retirement with a pension.

the traitors get off with retirement with a pension

Exactly, I give you Fauci…