Declining Approval Numbers for Obama Among Blacks


Gallup reports that President Obama’s approval rating among blacks has fallen to an all-time low of 85 percent. His rating fell five points in the last month alone.

Although on an absolute basis Obama’s approval among blacks remains high, this number should be worrisome for the Obama 2012 presidential campaign. Approximately 2.9 million more blacks voted in 2008 than in 2004. Obama received 96 percent of that vote. Obama is likely to receive a stratospheric percentage of the black vote in 2012, but the new Gallup numbers suggest that black voter enthusiasm — and thus turnout – will be lower in 2012 than in 2008. (By the way, Obama’s approval among Hispanics has plummeted as well.)

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Ever notice how nobody says Obama is white? He is though! Just as white as he is black.

I’m a darker skinned caucasian, maybe I will say I am black and run for president as a democrat. Sure way to get elected.

Even though the numbers say Obama is down from 96% of all black voters (last election) to ”only” 85% of all blacks who say they would vote for him in 2012, I wonder if it is really a problem for Obama.
After all, where are the other 11% of blacks going to go?
They could stay home.
Or, much more likely, they will go ahead and vote Obama once again.
Hard for me to believe that many black Americans suddenly became fiscal conservatives.