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Goldman deserves to be censured. Calling for the elimination of President Trump by any means necessary reminds us here of a commenter who has an incurable case of TDS. Trump lives rent free in gregs micro brain.

Democrats are utterly desperate and they goddamn sure as hell would stoop to assassination. They are at THAT level of scum.

Eliminate and exterminate are two different words. Competitors are routinely eliminated from playoff competitions.

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Trump should be eliminated in the republican primaries. Hey, it’s ENGLISH.

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden needs to be flushed. Remember when you used to brag about Trump’s low approval ratings? Yeah…. good times.

His apology means he KNEW it was incendiary speech when he said it.
Only after being called out for his hypocrisy did he walk it back.
This guy brought it to Goldman’s attention:

NEW: In the same breath as saying Donald Trump’s rhetoric is “dangerous,” Rep. Dan Goldman says that Trump needs to be “eliminated.”

This man is giving Adam Schiff a run for his money.

“His rhetoric is really getting dangerous, more and more dangerous… and we saw what happened…

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) November 20, 2023

Still trying to pretend your a Genius while being a total idiot/ GO AWAY

It really isn’t as if he suggested hitting Mar-a-Lago with a cruise missile.

Didn’t he? Goldman has proven himself to be such an unscrupulous liar, there is no doubt he would stoop to any means to stop Trump from reversing the terrific damage Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden and the Democrats have done to this country.

You know the rules Don’t Play with Matches Don’t Touch Blasting Caps Etc. if you cant abide by the rules you must leave

You sure like to nit pick when it’s a Democrat inciting violence, don’t you? Remember, Goldman is speaking to his base, which is inherently hateful, demented and violent.

Does anyone think Goldman will be censured, sanctioned or even criticized by any Democrats? The left keeps saying they want civility when they are the creators of the incivility.

Goldman needs to be arrested for making verbal threats like this lock him up and throw away the Key twist the Jackasses tail for this

Bush knew what he was doing 17 years ago when he made the most liberal judge in America “Chief”! Goldman knows GWB’s boy Roberts is Chief. His ruling in the Floyd case yesterday clearly shows GWB knew what he was doing!

UNIPARTY RULES! Bush leads UNIPARTY! ?!@#*%!*

Sades of 1979. Only it was CIA Dir GHWB saying it bout Gov Reagan.

liberals never change!

When dems say, “He is destructive to our democracy,” they really mean he is destructive to the democrat party.
joe biden even said as much just the other day.

So, yup, Donald J. Trump is destructive to the dem party……

Black voters are peeling off to support Trump.
LGBTXYZ voters are peeling off to support Trump.
Hispanic voters are peeling off to support Trump.
Union members are peeling off to support Trump.
Now, even Jewish voters are peeling off to support Trump.

imo when someone goes down the rabbit hole to the point where they’re calling someone else “Hitler,” they’ve pretty much reached the bottom. That’s not to say Dems and TDS sufferers will start being nice now-not at all. Instead, I think they’re going to keep beating that divisive meme to the end and beyond. From now on, however, whenever someone calls Trump “Hitler” even moderates are going to start yawning and stop checking to see if the sky is falling.

They’re played out, and they’ve got a full year to go!

Case in point. gregs go to media source, msnbc.

MSNBC Contributor Says Trump Is More Dangerous Than Hitler (VIDEO)