Controlled Opposition: Fox News Is Pushing Hopium to NeverTrumpers as Primaries Approach



Modern day corporate journalism is an exercise in perpetual manipulation. They pretend to deliver the news while doing everything they can to promote the agenda du jour. That’s not shocking, but every now and then they stretch the limits of propaganda and gaslighting that exposes their emotional connection to their narratives.

Fox News is arguably the biggest bad guy in American media. Unlike competitors like CNN and MSNBC, Fox News pretends to be right-leaning as they work on behalf of the UniParty Swamp. They’re the needle that taps the veins of conservatives who still watch them despite their clear allegiances. That makes Fox News more dangerous than their competitors who are blatantly leftist.

The top story they were promoting on their website most of Friday morning would be laughable if it didn’t represent a harbinger of their future intentions. On the homepage, it read, “Christian leader’s endorsement could shatter White House dreams before caucus.” The article’s actual headline is, “Could evangelical leader’s endorsement upend Trump’s massive lead before Iowa’s caucus?

Let’s be clear. There are two possibilities with the GOP primary race. Either the Deep State is successful in taking Donald Trump out of the race through lawfare or he wins the nomination by a landslide. It would take an act of God for any of the current or potential  primary opponents to actually catch up to Trump; he’s currently beating Ron DeSantis in his home state by 41 points. Nikki Haley is “surging” as much as an also-ran can surge, but she’d have to consolidate everyone else’s supporters under her NeoCon umbrella in order to even come close to Trump. Let’s hope that never happens.

Fox News isn’t stupid. They are well aware of what’s happening which is why force-feeding their audience with this story at a time when there are exponentially more important news stories than the Iowa caucus is concerning. Remember, this was the headline story for hours. That means they wanted it to get more clicks than all the other below-headline stories combined.

The article itself doesn’t even make a strong case. Yes, Bob Vander Plaats, president and CEO of The Family Leader, said there’s still a chance for those participating in his Iowa event today. It’s his job to say that whether it’s true or not. Otherwise, he’s hosting a meaningless event. But the candidates participating only have a chance if Trump falls to lawfare. Those candidates are DeSantis, Haley, and Vivek Ramaswamy. Vander Plaats will then heavily promote the results of the event after the fact and will make his once-coveted endorsement in the weeks ahead.

I say “once-coveted” because he hasn’t endorsed a nominee for as long as I can remember. That’s not a knock against Vander Plaats who is a committed and patriotic man. It’s just that so much emphasis has been placed on Iowa despite the fact that the last time a non-incumbent winner of the Iowa caucus won the nomination was 2000. George W. Bush enjoyed about the same lead over his opponents back then that Trump enjoys today.

So why is Fox News pushing this garbage? In a vacuum I’d say it was just some editor or producer feeling fatigue about the news cycle, but this has been a recurring theme. Time and again they push false narratives and outright lies against Trump or in favor of their preferred candidate of the moment. That preference has been DeSantis, but Haley is getting more attention lately.

Considering the state of the race, most conservative outlets with a preference other than Trump are seeing the writing on the wall and shifting their editorial practices. I know this as editor of The Liberty Daily which gives me a bird’s eye view of the conservative media zeitgeist.

Fox News isn’t slowing down. They’re doubling down. That’s why I’m concerned. Those in media who cheer for one candidate or against another generally do so out of preference. That’s acceptable because it’s human nature. This seems to be far more personal for Fox News, which at a corporate level means there’s a danger perceived by the network or their bosses among the Globalist Elite Cabal.

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In Utah the plan usually is to run a bunch of globalists at first to spread the Republican vote out.
Then, when the conservative (non-globalists) run more than one opposed to these globalists, ALL but one of the globalists drop out.
The primary happens at this point and the globalist usually wins as the multiple conservatives divide their vote.
Then we end up with a Mia Love or a Mitt Romney.

The uniparty is going to do as the article suggests:  “Nikki Haley is “surging” as much as an also-ran can surge, but she’d have to consolidate everyone else’s supporters under her NeoCon umbrella in order to even come close to Trump.”

You people are nuts.