Comedy Central: Biden’s Brain Becomes the Star of the 2024 Election


by Jeff Childers

Over the weekend, a prodigious amount of discussion emerged on the unlikely subject of the President of the United States’ brain. Specifically, whether or not the presidential brain works any more. So far, domestic and foreign media have been delicately asking that question (and sometimes dropping snide hints). From that target-rich environment, I selected one of the very latest, a New York Times story posted at 5am this morning headlined, “Biden’s Strategy to Make the Race About Trump Is Suddenly in Doubt.” Suddenly! And unexpectedly! The sub-headline explained, “The Biden campaign’s effort to raise questions about Donald J. Trump’s ability to be president has boomeranged into a referendum on the president’s own competence.”

Haha, boomerang, good one. The Times writer wasn’t done, though, and described the problem that is really bugging democrats and creating a civil war inside the party. “There is no doubt in Democratic circles,” the Times explained, “that Mr. Biden must make the election about Mr. Trump, as he did in 2020.” But now, Biden’s remaining grey matter has suddenly become the main story. But Biden was never designed to withstand the limelight. Thus, explained the Times, democrats are stuck in a political tailspin and a doom-loop, which is not at all like a fruit loop:

image 2.png

“We’ve got to stop talking about this!”, exasperated Representative Debbie Dingell (D-MI) cried on a CNN Sunday panel, according to the story. “We need to get back to talking about Donald Trump.” The Times, ever optimistic, described Biden’s 7-minute, unscripted, no teleprompter speech in a black Philadelphia church this weekend. The story reported Biden was 100% “gaffe free!” But the Internet disagreed.

image 3.png

CLIP: Biden thanks Philadelphia for its support while running for the Senate (0:37).

The problem of course, was that Biden ran for the Senate in Delaware, not Pennsylvania. I suppose there might be ways black churches in Philadephia helped elect Biden in Delaware —cough, mail-in ballots, cough— but somehow I don’t think that’s what Joe was getting at. Not joking, seriously, he means it, Philadelphia in particular got Joe across the Senatorial finish line. Okay, Joe.

In its op-ed headlined, “The Almighty Calls for Biden,” the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board also had a fun time, since there was no shortage of fine Biden rhetorical clay that can be molded by a skilled writer into a club. The Editorial Board selected an answer from Biden’s big post-debate interview. After George Stephanopoulos asked Biden what went wrong?, Joe said:

image 6.png

The entire world holds its breath, on pins and needles, waiting to watch the astounding sequel. What will happen in the next episode of the U.S. presidency? Because, astonishingly, Biden’s Brain is literally the biggest story in the whole wide world right now, hogging the top headlines in every major paper. My goal is to pick a few stories each day best illustrating where we are on now, the Democrats’ timeline of turning the election back towards Trump.

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And A-Mess-NBC the Lying Peacock News gives Bisen airtime e even as more Americans Turn Off and Tune Out the M.S. Media Bottom Feeders

Bidens leadership is like those Early attempts to fly their flying machine couldn’t get off the ground Multi wing planes that fell apart and machines that just bounced about

“Anyway,” joe is pulling out all the stops and his buddies at the Congressional Black Caucus are coming thru for him.
Recall it was one of those CBC members (Jim Clyburn)who pulled him over the finish line when he was about to go down to Bernie back in 2020 primaries.
Then, recently, a CBC member (Jim Clyburn) went to black churches in other states, swing states, to remind the “parishioners,” that they count the votes and so joe will win!
Now, the CBC is throwing its official support joe and telling him not to drop out of the race.

“We’ve got to stop talking about this!”, exasperated Representative Debbie Dingell (D-MI) cried on a CNN Sunday panel, according to the story.

Um… why don’t they talk about Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s wonderful, successful record? Is there some reason they can’t do that?