CNN says scientists “urgently trying” to determine if endless waves of Covid we now have “may be a result of” the beastly mRNA jab…


by Alex Berenson title via Revolver

From the Department of Are You Fucking Kidding Me*
CNN just ran a piece explaining that “scientists are urgently trying to solve” the question of whether the endless waves of Covid we now have “may be a result of the mRNA technology used to build some Covid-19 vaccines.”
Not making this up:

Oh? You don’t say? Now “scientists” are “urgently trying” to figure out if the “mRNA technology” is the problem and not the solution?
Maybe they can urgently try to build a time machine too, or an unvaccine machine.

The article also includes this gem, from Dr. Anthony Fauci:

Oh, Tony! T-Dog! Allow me to translate:
I’m not saying it doesn’t work it at all, okay? Not out loud. I’d be absolutely insane to say that out loud after telling A BILLION PEOPLE TO TAKE IT. I’m just saying it could be better. And by better I mean actually work. But I didn’t say that.

And finally this:

Yes, apparently we’ll “need to administer booster shots… [or] rollout an entirely new vaccine altogether”?
What you’re seeing here is the first steps toward an official acknowledgement that the mRNA vaccines have failed and new vaccines are coming sooner or later.
Booster shots? Remember, booster shots are available everywhere now. SECOND booster shots are available everywhere. And despite endless badgering from media and public health authorities, uptake has been close to zero for months.
The side effects are at least as bad with the third and fourth doses as the original two – that is, worse than Covid for many if not most people – and everyone knows the shots will not stop anyone from getting Covid in any case.

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It’s likely the jab spread covid, rather than combatting it.

The JAB is still considered experimental. So who are the lab rats?

This is Truly gonna be the world’s longest, saddest, We Tried to Tell You.

Not making this up…

…Only misrepresenting what was said.

The mRNA vaccines are HIGHLY EFFECTIVE at preventing serious COVID outcomes, but that protection drops off with the passage of time.

Of course it would be better to have permanent protection from a single shot—but that doesn’t mean temporary protection isn’t good during a deadly COVID surge.

Wearing body armor in a combat zone doesn’t render you permanently bullet proof, but you’d be crazy not to put it on when the need for temporary protection arises.

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We know absolutely that the vaccines are totally useless against the variants; is there proof that it was effective against the original? I would like to see it.

The great mRNA experiment will come to an end, not with a bang but with 200 million expired doses in freezers.

That’s OK; all those pushing the endless vaccinations have already gotten their payments.

You’ll dispute all evidence that it was, while claiming hydroxychloroquine is a miracle cure despite all evidence to the contrary.

 …is there proof that it was effective against the original?

Well, there WAS proof that HCQ and ivermectin were effective. HIGHLY effective. I doubt any evidence of the vaccines being effective has been compiled yet, but I would like to know. I don’t doubt it was effective; I would simply like to see it.

It is YOU that denies the proven facts.

The latest tranch of data Pfizer wanted to keep secret for 75 years shows that they knew the 1st jab was only, at best, protective for the first week after being administered in 12% of cases.
All the 2nd jabs and boosters are the exact same formula.
So, how dare “scientists” say we might need an annual booster?
All this mRNA spike protein garbage in over a billion people for a disease with a 99% survival rate?
What’s the real agenda?